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Any good idea how to import CSV via Sendgrid email attachment and update model/database columns.
Rails • Asked by Daniel Chapman
Basically receive incoming daily emails, with CSV attachment, then importing the CSV rows to your desired model/database. Anyone done this before? Thanks for any input.

Amazon S3 files: get full url of file uploaded in json response via postman
General • Asked by LOUY ABDALRIDA
Hello I have api rails app that I can upload files via carrierwave to my s3 bucket and I got back checksum and id in the response now I am trying to add the url of the file uploaded with the json r...

Sharing on social network
General • Asked by Christophe Estanol
What is the best way for the visitors of my page (not logged in) to share models data (for example articles and courses) on Facebook and Twitter. I have been looking for an answer without really f...

Simpleform association with images!
Rails Solved • Asked by Martin McDermid
Hi Chris, I'm wondering if you could help. I'm currently building a form that'll send out a SMS with twilio, and i'm looking to send details of a vehicle out at the same time, specifically the i...

Javascript • Asked by Antonio F.
Hello, You can enter other content into "Ember js". Regards

Is it better to create 'duplicate' inverse join records or traverse via ruby/rails?
Databases • Asked by Thomas Bush
I am buidling an application for real estate centered around comparing properties. I have a self referential relationship, Comps, which joins two properties and stores some additional data. G...

How does Searchkick/ElasticSearch impact how I should structure my database indexes?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Matias Fernandez
I have a couple of questions about implementing Searchkick and ElasticSearch in general. * Let's say I'm using ElasticSearch to search for products like so: ``` # usage "apples...

[HATCH] - Deleting separate applications on the same server?
Databases Solved • Asked by Lauro Silva
I've been deploying several toy apps on the same server, but after I'm finished with them I would love to easily be available to delete them using Hatch's interface, instead of having to SSH into t...

Eager loading with Gem Mailboxer
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Thomas M
Hello everyone, I have a User model which act_as_messageable using the Mailboxer gem. In my users#index view, I would like to add a link for each user to the first user conversation Right no...

Best strategy for downloading multiple files from S3
General • Asked by Justin Miller
Im working on a rails app where Users can create a “project”. Project, has many datafiles. Users upload multiple files direct to Amazon S3 (im using carrierwave). I'd like Users to have the abi...

What's the best way to track file downloads (stats)?
General • Asked by Anthony M Pizzurro
Thanks to the videos here, I've implemented file upload with Shrine in my app. They are audio files, stored on s3, and made available to the public. I'd like to track the downloads and provide m...

Bootstrap 4 modal form in rails disables submit button on ajax refresh
Rails Solved • Asked by nynhex
I've been struggling with this all day. Please see the link below. [Bootstrap 4 modal form in rails disables submit button on ajax refresh](

Creating drop down of customers with link to show action
Rails • Asked by John Stegman
I am transferring an MS Access db to Rails and I need to be able to have a drop down list of customers (last_name, first_name, id) that will allow me to select a customer and generate the customer ...

Workflow for TDD/BDD on Rails ?
Testing • Asked by Lykos
Hi, I'd like some feedback if possible about the workflow of TDD/BDD on a Rails app. I was doing a research the whole weekend trying to find some good examples on how to do porperly TDD on my Rails...

Processing by EquipmentController#show as */*
Rails • Asked by John Stegman
I'm getting this response when I send a jquery get request to render the show page for a piece of equipment - or any other show page for any object in the rails app for that matter (customer, warra...

Call Api and Auto-Reload div.
Rails • Asked by Rodrigo
Hello! I want to setup a script that calls api from various webistes and retrieve data every n seconds. I'd like to setup a page where data(numbers) are showing auto-reload constantly. ...

Devise authentication and API
Rails • Asked by Alex Musayev
I'm working on JSON REST API for an existing Rails application. Authentication is currently implemented with Devise. What could be potential pros and cons of using cookie-based user sessions for AP...

Use select_tag to link to customer show page
Rails • Asked by John Stegman
I'm converting a MS access databse to Rails. The database has a customer table of over 5,000 customers. I have imprted the customer table from the Acces db into the Rails postgres db. I can use ...

How Do I Create an App Where Each User Has A Separate Table
Databases Solved • Asked by Vikram Sharma
Hi, I want to create a web app which is a simple HR SaaS. Each user/company which registers will have get a separate table to upload list of employees. In terms of autorization a user/company ca...

How do I perform a Search without page reload (I think I need Angular/Turbolinks)
Javascript • Asked by Logan Houston
Hi Everyone, I am trying to make my app a SPA app, and accomplish most of this with erb templates, which I know is not ideal, but it works for now. I need help with performing a search and ...