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Ruby on Rails 5.1 & Vue.js 2.4.x – Testing with Karma, Jasmine – How to install? [bounty on stackoverflow]
Testing • Asked by Pascal K
I asked the same Question on [stackoverflow]( I have Rails 5.1.x and Vue.js ...

Stripe Subscriptions: Duplicate Customers
Rails Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
Hey Eeveryone, I'm creating a subscription site using Stripe v3. For the most part everything is working fine, but I noticed in my Stripe Customer dashboard there are duplicate customers (for al...

Simple_form Chrome browser bug
General • Asked by Stan Smith
This is annoying. The select menus are overlapping in Chrome. ![]( Has ...

SimpleMDE & RedCarpet
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Matt Taylor
So i have set up my forum with simpleMDE and i'm using RedCarpet to parse the markdown. Everything works great except when it parses the markdown, it adds extra set of `<p>` tags before and after m...

How do I get redirect to view after create action using Vue.js
Javascript • Asked by Tabish Iqbal
Out of interest, have a weird issue. Trying to do a redirect after create. The record is being created just fine, but get a 500 error on the redirect? Using an ajax call using Vue-resource. Below...

How to model and integrate a rails mutliple choice quiz?
Rails • Asked by johny kopparapu
I am trying to make a little app where users can sign up, login, and be able to view and interact with questions for educational purposes. I can visualize everything, but I'm having trouble tran...

Advice on building a 'reports' feature
General • Asked by Jay Killeen
My Ruby on Rails enterprise app has a whole range of tables ranging such as customers, products, sales, warehouses, prices etc etc. I'd like to build a whole range of different reports that user...

Just want to say thanks!
General • Asked by Adrian DeGus
Hoping this isn't too cheesy, but I wanted to take a second to thank Chris for taking the time to make all of these invaluable videos here and to the community for helping me find solutions to prob...

How do I install UIKit via yarn?
CSS Solved • Asked by Tabish Iqbal
Answer: 1. Add uikit through yarn: yarn add uikit 2. Create a file to be transpiled by webpacker: app/javascript/uikit.sass (or app.sass... whichever name suits you best.) 3. Within uikit.sass...

How to do convert this ImageMagick command and parameters into a Ruby code to be used with Carrierwave
Rails Solved • Asked by W.M.
Basically I am asking how to do this: `convert input.png -bordercolor white -border 1 -set option:distort:viewport "%[fx:max(w,h)]x%[fx:max(w,h)]-%[fx:max((h-w)/2,0)]-%[fx:max((w-h)/2,0)]" -virt...

How can I add an avatar using (Carrierwave) to the ActionCable Chatroom Project?
Rails • Asked by Darion Wood
The code that I have below is for the _message.html.erb partial ``` <div class="media"> <% if message.user.user_profile.avatar.profile_thumb.present? %> <%= image_tag message.user.user_...

ActionDispatch::Cookies:CookieOverflow in controller
Rails • Asked by Sai
I am getting error while accessing rails application, which was working fine earlier, "raise CookieOverflow if options[:value].bytesize > MAX_COOKIE_SIZE" Could some one help.

How do I have SubDomain and Multi-Tenant in Rails project.
Rails • Asked by Gourav Lele
Can anyone please expain me How do I have sub-domains and Multi-tenant database for each sub domain in Rails Application. For an Example:- I am having Multi-Tenant database for year wise recor...

Biometric fingerprint reader integration with rails
Rails • Asked by Gourav Lele
Hello, Can any one know howw I can integrete biometric fingerprint reader machine with my rails application, for automated attandance of student. Please help, its urgent. Thanks in advance.

Group Chat with ActionCable Unread Messages Div Appearing on Messages I send
Rails • Asked by Rex
I just finished episode 7 of Group Chat with ActionCable. When I send a message, the "unread messages" div appears in the browser window of the sender as well as the recipient's window. Any ideas w...

How can I integrate Amazon Native Ads
General • Asked by Alex Deering
Im having troubles integrating Amazon Native Ads into my rails apps. I think its a problem with turbolinks but not really sure. Amazon says to just past this code into your html wherever you want...

Update next_billing_date in Rails App with Braintree
Rails • Asked by Lee Terng Gio
Hi, I recently developed a Rails app using **Braintree Recurring**, when the user subscribes, the information such as plan_name, next_billing_date ware saved into the database. However, I found the...

Link_to error
Rails Solved • Asked by Simon P
Hi I have my header in a partial which then appears on every page through the application template. In the header I have an About link: <%= link_to "About", 'about' %> This works fine i...

Exception/error reporting from live.
Rails Solved • Asked by Simon P
Hi When my app crashes in live it would be nice to get emailed the stack trace/error info. Does anything exist to do this? I found which looks about right but is this the be...

Upload in webview
Rails • Asked by Rafael Soares
I have a Rails web application, and I hired someone to develop an android and iphone app for it, which is just a webview opening the website. In the web app, the user can upload an avatar pictur...