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One Time Payments With Pay And Stripe Discussion

I followed every step and all seems to be working to the point where the form is supposed to come up on the screen. Instead of the credit card form being displayed, my screen just goes blank and never returns. The last thing I see on my server is that the Application.html.erb was rendered. Do you have any advice on how I can get help? I don't know if maybe the javascript isn't executing or what.


Sounds like an issue with the JavaScript. I would double check everything there against what is in the video very closely. It's probably a minor discrepancy somewhere.


Thank you for replying! I'll check on the javascript stuff.

By the way, you did a fantastic job teaching in this video. I tried to learn Braintree via another video and struggled for an entire week before eventually giving up, and putting blind faith in your ability to help me implement stripe, step by step.
I followed along very easily. I had a couple of issues with the controller i'm using to store my stipe-price object, probably because I named the model PaymentPlans. Oddly, when using parameters, I had to separate the two words; payment_plans to get it to recognize.

Anyway- keep up the good work!

Jon Roock- Indianapolis


Hey Collin,

Hate to bother you on this, but I'm nearing my wits end.
I can't get this form to load. I've tried everything I. can think of and have been stuck now for days on this piece.
On the Stripe site they keep talking about how this form is supposed to be inserted into an iframe empty div placehold that we've left.

Well, that's hot happening.

The only error I see from the browser perspective is that I'm getting a status 403-forbidden on the file application..js:1.
http://localhost:3000:assets/application..js:1 net::ERR_ABORTED 403 (forbidden)

It also mentions that this file was preloaded using link pre-load, but is not used within a few seconds from the windows load event. Please make sure it has an appropriate "as" value, and was pre-loaded intentionally.

I don't know. I'm pretty new to javascript.

If you can't help, is there some sort of Rails/Javascript expert that you can think of that I might be able to pay to help me through this?
Or, worst case- What can i educate myself with which would help me?

Oh yea- one odd thing happened. There is the code that you can download on stripe for the embedded option we are following. When I opened up their HTML file for the form, the frames appear on my browser in a light gray, but nothing else. However when I look at the html page source, I can see everything there but it's just not displaying. Could this be as simple as some sort of CSS thing?

I appreciate any help you can provide!

Jon Roock


Collin- Chris also has a video out on this site to do payments with Stripe. However, his uses webhooks that have to be running.

Is that video a better one to use to set things up than this one? Or, is this is better option?
I'm really struggling!



Would it be possible to create a variant of this episode for simple, one-time payments integrating Stripe Elements and without creating a product entry on the Stripe end?


Sounds like an issue with the JavaScript.

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