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How can one setup a service booking app with time limitations?
Rails • Asked by Drilon Buzuku
Hey guys, how can one setup a service booking system where the customer can book services between 9am and 4pm on every monday and friday? Would you use the ice_cube gem to create timeslots and t...

Best way to create a report/spam button?
Rails Solved • Asked by Ryan Carter
Just looking for ideas on the best way to create a report or spam button/link on posts and comments. And do you typically have that notification sent to an in program inbox to an admin email, etc....

Bundle Install Doesn't Work
Rails • Asked by Steve
Hi guys, I seem to be getting an error message when I run bundle install. I'm curious if any of you have had this issue before as well? I tried uninstalling bundler and reinstalling it. I tried ...

Rails How to create multiple step with list survey questionnaires
Rails • Asked by Pranay Singh
I want to create a questionnaire page like this link When user clicks Next, the page reload with new questions.If user presses Back, the page reload with questions that answered by this user. Ho...

Best way to use common code for multiple applications ?
Rails • Asked by Pardha
Hi all, I would like to know the best way to use common code for multiple applications ? Basically I am working on two applications those two are build on top of third party APIs . I wa...

Are there any episodes or series on CMS related gems ?
General • Asked by Pardha
Hi, I have to build CMS for one of my clients. I would like to know your suggestions also please let me know if we have any related videos here. Thanks, Pardha

Eager Loading on Rails 5.1
Rails • Asked by Pardha
Hi all, Seems that the eager loding doen't work in my application. Please let me know whether I need to enable or configure anything. Here is th code for association mappings. ```...

Shrine uploading image to google drive
Rails • Asked by Misel Ademi
Hi, I am trying to upload images to google drive using Shrine. I followed instructions from this gem I added this gems to my project ...

Rails routes.rb (routing with :as or :path)
Rails • Asked by Hugo A. Gallotto
Hi. I'm using Rails 2.3.16 and Ruby 1.8.7 I have the next routing: > map.namespace :controller1 do |c1| > c1.resources :controller2, :member => { :action1 => :get, :action2 => :get } ...

Should i be using jbuilder or AMS
Rails • Asked by Sam Mason
It looks like ams (Active Model Serializers) is heading towards deprecation and is telling users to use jsonapi-rb but should I just jbuilder as it included in the Gemfile for a new rails api 5.1 app?

Different Notification Types By Type
Rails Solved • Asked by Steve Quatrani
I am making a notification system and using the great tutorial on here to do it. I am going to have a few different channels that a notification can be sent out with: email, web push, text message,...

Issues with paperclip gem on Windows 8
Rails • Asked by Harshabab Singh
Hi, i am new to rails(**using Windows 8, rails v = 5.1.4 & ruby v= 2.2.6**) and i am having issues with image uploading using paperclip gem, i saw the documentation on github & manually installed f...

General • Asked by hayfainisa
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Vue: share the same bootstrap across multiple files
Javascript • Asked by CuamckuyKot
Hi, guys! I'm tired to copy-paste the same piece across multiple files. ``` import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.js' import VueResource from 'vue-resource' import TurbolinksAdapter from 'vue-turbo...

ReactJS with Rails
Javascript • Asked by Tony Brown
I'd love to see a series on a **_real world_** app using **ReactJS** with Rails API.

Payments with Stripe Master Class
Rails • Asked by Brian Gilbank
Hey Chris - I signed up for your payments with Stripe course and "Creating The Checkout Form With Stripe.js" section is really confusing. Basically video three on the New Stripe JS element does eve...

How do I resolve this error with Stripe checkout on wizard page via wicked gem?
Rails Solved • Asked by Robert Hopman
Right now I get this error message when the submit.html.erb loads: **Cannot charge a customer that has no active card.** I want to understand how I can improve my controller. The goal is to not ...

Having trouble figuring out net/http and API calls.
Rails • Asked by Seona Bellamy
Hi folks, I need to make a number of calls to an API, some of which are GET requests and some of which are PUT requests. I've tried to make a common function since there's a bunch of security st...

Should scopes be seperated out to allow chaining or be specific to the what you are trying to do?
Rails • Asked by Stephen Sizer
I am trying to write an internal tender application and am having trouble figuring out the best approach for writing a scope. I have the following models ``` class Tender < ApplicationRecord...