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How to add or call a particular action in all the controllers ?

Rails • Asked by naveen kumar

I want to store the user activity by using after_action in the all the controller for a specific action of those controller

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How do I add a default time of 6:45pm to simple form / DatePicker

Rails • Asked by Neil Patel

Hello Folllowing on from the prev 2 posts , How do i add the default time of 645pm in the form. So when someone craates the form a default time of 645 is already setup. I am using simple form a...

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Screencast Request: Unicorn vs. Puma

Site Feedback • Asked by Matthew Welke

I'd love to see a video describing the differences between Unicorn and Puma, and how to tweak the settings with them (process count, thread count, etc) to get the highest performance possible.

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Deck Builder App. How do I query only decks you can make with the cards in your inventory?

Rails • Asked by Matias Fernandez

I'm making a deck building site similar to It would be nice if users could filter decks based off the cards they have in their inventory. In other words, I'm trying to make a quer...

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What text editor are you using for GoRails Forum?

General • Asked by Lauro Silva

Hey Chris & Community! :) What text editor are you using for the GoRails Forum post? Im following the episode [Markdown and Emoji with the html-pipeline gem](

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simple mde duplicates

Javascript • Asked by Talib Guyani

hi, i followed your tutorial but still simple mde is been diplicated am using rails 5 ``` var simplemde; simplemde = null; $(document).on('ready turbolinks:before-visit', function() { ...

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Everyone's Been Bitten Before - Whitespaces/Unwanted Characters in User Input

Rails • Asked by Nick J

Hey all! I've got an interesting question, and I'm sure you're all handling it in different ways. I know there are plenty of ways to tackle this problem, so I was interested in what everyone's d...

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Regexp for prices or how to detect price in a smart way

Ruby • Asked by Jack

Any regexp experts here? I have the following situation: - get an invoice - scan it for prices and save the highest number - success 🍾 I do this with a `.scan(/…/)`. Pretty fast in Ruby. ✨ ...

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Autoloading models not working

Rails • Asked by Giancarlo Corzo

Hi, I have this model structure ``` /models /survey /questions question.rb survey.rb ``` I have used this autoloading in my application.rb so I don't have to deal with mo...

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[HATCH] Some questions :)

Rails • Asked by Sascha M.

Hey there, i have a few questions rg. your new product Hatch. 1. is there a Heroku-like way to insert a SSL cert or do we need to do that manually? 2. What permissions are we granting so you...

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[HATCH] Error deploying app

Rails • Asked by Masud Hossain

I'm getting this error when trying to deploy my project with hatch. I made sure I have the RSA file. Deployment Error ``` Fetching origin Warning: Identity file /home/deploy/.ssh/thinkrtc_rs...

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SimpleMDE & RedCarpet

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Matt Taylor

So i have set up my forum with simpleMDE and i'm using RedCarpet to parse the markdown. Everything works great except when it parses the markdown, it adds extra set of `<p>` tags before and after m...

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Building out a mini-framework with CoffeeScript

Javascript • Asked by Daniel LeGrand

A portion of the application I'm working on has a comments page with a form at top to add new comments and a list of comments beneath it. I've been working on using CoffeeScript classes to represe...

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From the active cable chatroom series how to I fix the size of the chatroom and scroll

Javascript • Asked by John A. Cogan

I have implemented the chatroom but I want the chatroom area to be fixed and for the user to be able to scroll back through the messages. How can I add scrolling? I have tried added it to the pane...

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Handling multiple Account types

Rails • Asked by Orlando Del Aguila

Hello Guys, I'm doing some research on how to handle multiple account types. In our app, we will have two types of accounts. **Parents** and **Schools**. These accounts will never change types, ...

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How should I implement a week model with days and opening times?

Rails • Asked by Drilon Buzuku

Hello, I need a week model which contains all weekdays and every weekday has multiple opening and closing times. For example, a barber shop is open on every monday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 ...

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why drop down menu (Account Setting)is not showing in sidebar?

Rails • Asked by naveen kumar

``` my html <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <%= csrf_meta_tags %> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <meta charset="utf-8"> <me...

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why destroy action is called two times.

Rails • Asked by naveen kumar

my destroy action def destroy @owner = User.find(params[:id]) @owner.destroy respond_to do |format| format.html { redirect_to root_path } format.js {} end my index page de...

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I didn't understand this part of the Liking Posts

Rails • Asked by Maor Tzabari

``` <div id="likes"> <%= render partial: "likes" %> </div> ``` we render something here, but where is this partial? usually when I render something with Rails it's a form or other code th...

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How to add ssl to the CDN of AWS

General • Asked by Francisco Quinones

Hi so I have a rails app with ssl from godadddy with a wildcard for subdomain. Now I move my assets to use CDN, but I need to use the ssl so all my subdomain use the assets with out getting CORS po...