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User Badges Features

Rails • Asked by Menj Villalobos

![]( Hi @chris! Is it possible for you to create a screencast with t...

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Solutions for high memory usage in rails development or production(heroku)

Servers • Asked by Masud Hossain

So i built my web app that allows users to chat with eachother, see who's online, and send notifications all using actioncable and it's using up A LOT of memory it seems. Correct me if i'm wrong, b...

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Which native app technology to pair with Rails

General • Asked by Aaron Mills

We are currently developing a rails application for a new startup and we are trying to determine which front end and native app technology we should combine with it. We are looking at React JS ...

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why my rails server logs show rendering a page two times, it that normal or there is something wrong with my code? Should it be only single time?

Rails • Asked by naveen kumar

Processing by Users::HomesController#welcome as HTML Processing by Users::HomesController#welcome as HTML Rendering users/homes/welcome.html.erb within layouts/application Rendering users/ho...

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connection.rb in actioncable chatroom series, if not using Devise for authentication?

Rails • Asked by Masud Hossain

I'm watching and i noticed that in channels/application_cable/connection.rb , chris put this code to find verified users. ``` ...

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What are the advantages/disadvantages to using Rails with AngularJS?

Rails • Asked by Rob Sturcke

Came across a tutorial for using Devise authority tokens in a rails API, however are there any other reasons to use AngularJS and Rails? Advantages or disadvantages? The AngularJS with Rails t...

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Polymorphic relationship vs STI vs Class table inheritance with RoR

Databases • Asked by Toshiki Inami

Hi I watch your tuts and it's pretty helpful. Always thanks! I have some question about database design. There are three types of invoice items with following tables 1) **SubscriptionItems**...

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Can someone help explain how to use test_double to mock a gem class in my app?

Testing • Asked by Bill Snapper

Hello, My app uses a gem that goes out to network devices. I want to write some specs that test my classes without going out to the network devices via the gem. I want to use test_double or so...

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Error monitoring and notification for RoR

Servers • Asked by Ashley Engelund

I'm helping on a small RoR app. I need to set up error monitoring for it. `errbit` or `exception_notification` both look pretty good. This is a small app right now (< 200 users with logins, prob...

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Search all models gem

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Ali Rizvi

I have seen this done in other rails application where you can search for a term and it would search across multiple models and return results from each. What is the best gem to use for this purpos...

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why there is no crsf token when i use remote true with data type as "script" ? How this is different from ajax?

Rails • Asked by naveen kumar

<%= select_tag "event[#{inquiry.slug}]", options_for_select([ "PENDING", "CONFIRMED" ], inquiry.status), :data => {url: update_status_vendor_inquiry_path(inquiry),method: "put", type: "script", rem...

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How did you become good at back end development / Ruby on Rails?

Rails • Asked by Robert Paul

My introduction to Ruby on Rails was a "complete course" on Udemy and reading Michael Hartl's book. A year's worth of dedicated practice later, I'm still struggling with my skills and understandin...

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Incorporating an Admin Dashboard

CSS • Asked by Dave Ekhaus

Hi All Say you've found a sample Admin Dashboard web site. Its delivered as a 'skeleton' html.css app. In order to use it one needs to 'port' (for lack of a better term) - all the necessary re...

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Does actioncable create 1 channel per user only?

Rails • Asked by Masud Hossain

Let's say you're planning on having real time Notifications and messaging. Does that mean that for each User, there will be 1 actioncable channel (redis) open? Or Does that mean for e...

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How do I get e-mailed password change and confirmation links working with devise-token-auth and ng-token-auth?

Rails • Asked by Robert King

I am trying to use ng-token-auth (Angular 1) on a separate frontend to allow passwords to be reset and account e-mail addresses to be confirmed on a Ruby on Rails 5.0 backend. Whenever I request...

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Missing partial error even though lookup context comes back as true.

Rails • Asked by Matt Taylor

I'm getting a missing partial error even though my lookup context check comes back as true. My partials is in `views/activity_feed/` and is named `_appointment_set.html.erb` ``` <% @activities.ea...

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Whats the gem I can use for Tokenize Field?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Mirza Selim Reza

It would have been great to receive a tutorial on Tokenize inputs. Thanks.

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has_many :through association woes

Rails • Asked by Adrian DeGus

I have a has_many :through relationship between a few models that *almost* works. My goal is to allow users to be assigned to projects and/or tasks. Everything seems to work except user_id's are...

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Background Jobs

Rails • Asked by Sascha M.

Hey there, I'm using nested attributes to generate a bunch of records at once. I'm coding a tool that crawls IP and Website Informations. The nested attributes are set up like this: -Compa...

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Gems / Libraries • Asked by stan X

Hi Go Rails Community! Would any of you ever looked or seen a project/ tutorial on IFTT and rails app connection? I would be interested in directions in terms of going deeper? I know i have to rea...