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Realtime Online User Tracking with ActionCable Discussion

How would you limit those users by tenant ( account)? Would you make the data sent to redis an array of two integers, like [1, 2] where 1 is the and 2 is the Or is there a simpler way to approach this?

Hi Matt,
what about setting a different key per tenant ?


As I was facing another (but I think related) issue, storing apperance for multiple models, I store a key per model and each one has its own array.

Thanks Nathan,
I was thinking something like that as well, but I'm pretty new to how ActionCable works so am stumbling through this a bit... Good to know that I had thought through this in a decent way despite not knowing how to implement this. Do you think that it'd be good to add something to connection.rb to deal with multitenancy and whethere 'current_account' is set?

I never worked with multy tenancy and I'm also quite new to ActionCable
so I don't really know, but my guess is you could pass an array to identified_by and identify by both current_user and current_tenant.
Then set current_tenant or reject connection if none is found.
I did some testing and the following make the current_tenant variable availble in all channels and seems to work fine.

module ApplicationCable
  class Connection < ActionCable::Connection::Base
    identified_by :current_user, :current_tenant

    def connect
      self.current_user = find_verified_user
      self.current_tenant = find_tenant
      logger.add_tags "ActionCable", "#{} #{}"


    def find_verified_user
      # some logic to find the user

    def find_tenant
      # just an example
      if user.tenant.present?

Again, I never had to do that so I'm not sure about this solution but it seems to work fine.
Let me know if this i working :)


Iam not using Jumpstart and if i try to even get the members in console i get an error:

NoMethodError (undefined method `redis_connection_for_subscriptions' for #ActionCable::SubscriptionAdapter::Async:0x00007f8bc0a80ba8)

has anyone an idea why ? or how to fix

I got the same error. Were you able to figure out the cause or a fix ?

After digging around a little I noticed the problem was in cabl.yml, (Im assuming you both encountered this issue while working in development).
There is an 'adapter: async' under the development namespace, just set it to redis and that solved my problem.


have I missed something?
if a user is logged in in two browsers and then unsubscribes from only one of the browsers doesn't the unsubscribe incorrectly remove them from the redis data bas?

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