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Posted in How to use Devise with Hotwire & Turbo.js Discussion

when one logs into to a rails app using devise & turbo. how does the csrf token get updated on the page. I get Can't verify CSRF token authenticity. error when I send a from with turbo after a turbo login

Posted in Realtime Online User Tracking with ActionCable Discussion

have I missed something?
if a user is logged in in two browsers and then unsubscribes from only one of the browsers doesn't the unsubscribe incorrectly remove them from the redis data bas?

Posted in Caching Active Storage in the Browser

I am been using Carrier wave to up load images. I upload them then have the ability to create.a cropped version which I show on my web site.

The cache nicely on the web pages so they don't need re downloading every time they are shown.

I can seem to do this with Active Storage as the link is different on every page refresh is this just the way it is at the moment.

Also every time I crop It creates a new version instead of replacing the old cropped version as in Carrier wave.

I have not found any solutions in google yet.