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Rails How to link an email form with Sendgrid?
Rails Solved • Asked by Omar Khedr
I was able to create a contact form that when a user clicks submit - its send an email (which i get in my yahoo inbox). I would like to now have that email be sent via sendgrid so that I can an...

How can I do drop down dependencies?
Rails • Asked by Josh Cooper
First: Apologies if already addressed. i have two situations where i need dropdown/select dependencies and wondering if anyone can help with a simple way of handling this using Rails, gem, minin...

Following "Scheduling post" episode with background jobs
General Solved • Asked by Christophe Estanol
Following Chris great post on scheduling I am using `delayed_job_active_record` to schedule quote from my app to be tweeted and shared on FB. Here is my `quote.rb` model with the current logic: ...

Hatch / Updates
Servers Solved • Asked by Louis-Philippe ENGELMANN
Are you going to manage the updates of the core components (vs gems) like Postgres / Redis etc ... ?

Bye bye Heroku 👋 welcome Hatch 🐣 Deploying my first app, few trivial question :)
Servers Solved • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello, Although I've been working with Rails for about 3 years now I was never resposible for deploying apps and dealing with servers – embarrassing, right? – apart from a side project I used H...

Clone GIT project from another version of Rails
General • Asked by Mauricio Duran
Hi Chris, See how to work a project in rails (4 - 3) on my computer (rails 5) with the RVM. Thank you

Working with FullCalendar in Rails
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Mauricio Duran
Hello Cris, Excuse my English. I want to know how (rails v-5) work with FullCalendar and simulate an example ?. I have seen several URLs and GitHub, but they all work differently ... Thank...

How to redirect batch of urls from routes.rb
Rails • Asked by flrnt
I have an issue here and struggling with it for hours. For SEO purpose, I have to redirect (301) something like 200 urls for now, maybe more later, maybe less. I want to have easy access to it. S...

Rails5 + JQuery progress bar not functioning
Javascript Solved • Asked by Neil Patel
Implementing a JQuery progress bar so when you scroll down it should show a green bar across the top. When I start scrolling the progress bar does not appear. I use inspect element on the bar div c...

Using will_paginate and .limit(x) together.
Rails Solved • Asked by Simon P
Hi It appears that will_paginate and .limit(x) will not work together. So this didn't work: (I am trying to get 150 most recent records and paginate them) @articles = Article.where.not(...

What is the best way to create an unsubscribe link in a Rails email mailer
Rails • Asked by Simon P
Hi As the question says. Thanks Simon

Change Domain of Server?
Servers • Asked by Ketan Anjaria
I have an app at but I just bought How do I set it up where all previous links to redirect to ie should redirect to

Integrating a blog within a Rails app.
Rails • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
Hey all! Any suggestions on the better blogging templates to integrate in a rails app? This is for a client - who lacks dev skills, so something easy for them to update posts etc from the backen...

CMS in Rails
Rails • Asked by Tony Brown
I want to learn how to build a CMS or at least a blog engine with Rails. I think that would be awesome to have a full course on something, especially for beginners like me.

Trying to emulate `belongs_to trough` using `has_one trough` but having problems
Rails • Asked by TL
Imagine a travel website where you have `HotelOwner`s and `Tourist`s. When they start a conversation, the app creates a join model named `Conversation` using has_many through. It's a classic many t...

How do I tackle this 28-line scope?
Rails • Asked by Chris Zempel
Context: I'm working on a startup MVP that's received very little love in the way of refactoring. This has been the most complex codebase I've had to grapple with, and its been tons of fun figuring...

How do you charge for building web app projects?
Rails Solved • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
Hey all.. Just needed some advice/suggestions on how to charge for building a web app. Would be great to hear how you (freelancer or agencies) charge for projects? Do you breakdown into front end +...

How do I create a forum where @ mentions would notify the person being tagged?
General • Asked by Sam Shon
How do I create a forum where @ mentions would notify the person being tagged?

Fixing Bundler could not find compatible versions gem "rack"
Rails • Asked by Omar Khedr
Hi everyone, I was working through Chris refile gem course and trying to implement it into my app. When I tried to do bundle install, I kept running into an error message in my console saying that...

Best way to build a Contact Us page
Rails • Asked by Simon P
Hi First post so Hello World! Really enjoying this site. I was just wondering what people consider to be the best way to build a Contact Us page. I don't need to store the entered data, j...