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How can I subscribe a user when creating a new project?

Ruby • Asked by Lauro Silva

**How can I subscribe a user when creating a new project?** I'm having a hard time on the `create` method. Currently this is my code: ### Projects controller ```ruby def create ...

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How to version model validations for an API?

Rails • Asked by TRADEO

Some thoughts on API versioning: Why is API versioning necessary at all? It is required for when we want to make some breaking changes to an API endpoint, like stop accepting certain parameters...

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API design/routing with nested resources

Tips • Asked by Sean Washington

Hey all! I'm just curious, how would you surface the ability to create nested items in an API? Say you have a model `Post` that `has_many observations`. I have my base routes for both Post an...

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routing errors when i try to submit a comment to a post

Rails • Asked by khemlall mangal

Hi Thank you, i followed this tutorial however i am getting Routing Error when i click submit for the comment... ``` uninitialized constant Squeals ``` Rails.root: /home/ubuntu/workspace ...

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how do i link a comment to a specific post...

Rails • Asked by khemlall mangal

Can someone give me an example of POST and Comment.. i did a scaffold of a blog for example but i am not sure how to integrate the part where you can link a comment to a specific post.... COMME...

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I want to understand how basecamp separates account?

Rails • Asked by Dmitry Amelchenko

Is part **3319000** of url just a show action in the controller or is there implemented by gems? Will be great to see some examples. Sorry for my english.

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Track user's usage per month

Rails • Asked by Jack

So this is more an architecture question. Lot's of SaaS's have this in place: a monthly cap of sorts of their service. So every [time period] a user can upload X files, connect with Y other use...

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ReactJS with Rails

Javascript • Asked by Tony Brown

I'd love to see a series on a **_real world_** app using **ReactJS** with Rails API.

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Embed Youtube video in Rails app

Rails • Asked by Markus

Hello. How is possible to embed an existing video an show it in a page with rails? I followed this guide with yt gem: So now I can pos...

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Is it possible to incorporate React + Redux into existing Rails application?

Javascript • Asked by Ken Hibino

I have been working on creating a Medium clone to learn Ruby on Rails. It started out as just a plain Rails app but as the app evolved I started using React in the front end (using react-rails gem)...

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How do I debug why my ActionCable broadcast is returning nil?

Rails • Asked by Matt Taylor

Following along with the ActionCable Series. So in **irb** when i run the `ActionCable.server.broadcast "notifications:4", {html: "<div>Hello</div>"}` it comes back with **nil** instead of retu...

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Excluding Assets Pipeline gems while running Rails in production

Rails • Asked by Alex Musayev

I've been thinking, since assets compillation suppose to be performed during production deployment, it is irrelevant to make Bundler to require `uglifier`, `sass-rails`, `therubyracer` and may be s...

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Multistep Signup-Form

Rails • Asked by Sascha M.

Hi there, do you know a elegant and quick way to create a signup page like cloud9 have? Thanks a lot in advance!

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Workflow for TDD/BDD on Rails ?

Testing • Asked by Lykourgos Tsirikos

Hi, I'd like some feedback if possible about the workflow of TDD/BDD on a Rails app. I was doing a research the whole weekend trying to find some good examples on how to do porperly TDD on my Rails...

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How do I add a default time of 6:45pm

Rails • Asked by Neil Patel

Hi Following on from the my previous post I want to add a new time column with the default of 6.46pm I have tried this class AddUsualStartTimeToAreas < ActiveRecord::Migration def c...

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Error running Rails with Ruby 2.4.0

Ruby • Asked by Menj Villalobos

``` [Menj]~/RubymineProjects/myapp2$ rails s /Users/Menj/.rbenv/versions/2.4.0/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/activesupport-5.0.1/lib/active_support/xml_mini.rb:51: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprec...

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How do I rollback a database migration and then update it

Rails • Asked by Neil Patel

Hi I have added a column ( t.time "usual_start_time") to an exisitng table called Areas. (create_table "areas",) create_table "areas", force: :cascade do |t| t.string "location", ...

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Turbolinks 5 issue when clicking back

Rails • Asked by Adam D

Hi all, I'm upgrading my rails 4.2 app to use turbolinks 5 as per the gorails ep but I've ran into a problem. I'm using zurb foundation framework with offcanvas menu when I open the menu and ...

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RSpec w/capybara vs Mini Test

Testing • Asked by Drilon Buzuku

Hey guys, what are your thoughts on RSpec vs Mini Test. Which one do you use and why? Cheers, Drilon

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Retrieve all Project Threads where a given users has posted a Project Post

Ruby • Asked by Lauro Silva

A user belogns to a ProjectThread. And a ProjectThread has_many Users through ProjectPosts. On the Project Thread Index I want to display only threads where a given users has posted a Project P...