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What do you listen to while coding?

Alan Reid asked in General

So i had an interesting chat with fellow community member Jacob, and we are wondering what music do you listen to while you're coding?

What really gets you in the zone as you work hard creating your projects, or helps you block out those distractions that always seem to pop up.

For me recently its been the new Busted album, yes sad but true! Busted released their new album Night Driver recently and well, its my most listened to album at Present. The songs are not like their previous albums and are a bit more chilled.

Another albums is MoS: Acoustic Anthems really nice and chilled, a great mix of artists which are mostly acoustic as the album says.


Great post and good topic:

For me it depends on what I'm doing.

Sprinting: Aggrotech, Hellektro, Industrial, Trance, EDM
Research and learning new patterns: Classical
Tackling challenging pieces of code or debugging/refactoring: Death/Black Metal


I honestly love the Facebook Soundtrack. I think it helps me channel my inner Zuckerberg. For me it often really depends on the mood I am in. I mostly have the TV on in the background.


Some great lists going so far! I'm probably pretty close to what @shakycode listens to on most occasions.

Pandora is my DJ - I have a few stations that I cycle through depending on my mood or what I'm working on. I tend to go through some weird phases, everything from old school gangster rap to Sleeping with sirens crab core haha.

I'm going to attempt to share the stations, but no clue if this will really work as expected:

Piano Guys
Caravan Palace
FC Kahuna
Parov Stelar


I've listened to FC Kahuna for years, but not for awhile, time to pull them back up.

I have a couple of Spotify playlists that I listen to daily while working, one is called Zone which is stuffed with downtempo electronica and another is a public liquid drum 'n bass playlist... both are rhythmic and mostly non-vocal which helps with concentration.


I love this question. If I really need to focus, I try to listen to music without words. I can pretty much fire up an Apple Music or Spotify station based on any of these artists:

  • Explosions in the Sky
  • The American Dollar
  • This Will Destroy You
  • The Album Leaf

If I'm casually coding I can do some familar songs I like.

If I'm amped up, I love EDM music. There are also a lot of chill electroic stations, like Adrian mentioned, that I listen to.

I cannot listen to podcasts when I'm programming, no matter how hard I try.


Spodify Playlist: Hacker - music for programing


I can't listen to podcasts either. I don't pay attention enough to know what's going on.


This weeks choice of music has been the Aucoustic Cafe playlist on Spotify :)


I listen to the chill house playlist on Amazon Music - so chill to work to! I find anything poppy distracts me to much.


I usually throw up some chill hop on YouTube.


Just those ambient background tracks you find on YouTube. However, I play them faintly from another room to avoid them becoming distracting.


omg interesting question :D I Love metal and goth metal so Im listening Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Manowar while Im coding :)




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