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Password Sharing Roles & Permissions Discussion

this on was confusing to me indeed. i was not able to follow, why we do what we do in each refactoring.
thanks, i will rewatch this


x2 Until now the most difficult tutorial (I am doing the learning path) and with a lot of errors from Cris, I could finish it but it took me 5 hours to follow the tutorial and at the end, I felt confused too.
Maybe it is a good idea to do this tutorial again ...


i'm hesitant to do any roles where a shared user is == to the creator of the password(multiple owner). Which is why I like the idea of owner not being a role but an association through the user table ( has_one :owner, class: "User"). Now I can create a 'full_access" role where a user can do and see all of the things the owner can, but can't remove the owner. This way even the owner can't accidentally change their role because it's not in the list.

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