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Problem associating nested resource with Devise current_user method

Rails • Asked by Adrian DeGus

I need to assign the current_user ID to all new projects, tasks and comments created in my app. I got projects and tasks working fine, but for some reason comments are giving me trouble. Here's ...

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How do i print out validation error?

Rails • Asked by Matt Taylor

So i'm going through building the forum series and whenever i submit the form, it is just re-rendering the new form page. I looked in my server logs and I see that `Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authe...

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How do I check if runner.interest is not null in this interpolation?

Rails • Asked by Neil Patel

hi i am working on this interpolation where the runners has interests but lets say the runner has not interests , or has not entered any interests how would we interpolate this Your ...

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More Series on creating stuff with RoR instead of using Gem

General • Asked by Nahwin Rajan

Hi Chris, Any plan in near future (couple months) for uploading series about real RoR development ? I mean like building a commerce site, it would be more complex with real world hurdle ? (AirB...

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[Feature Request] Ask for Topic/Episodes/Series

General • Asked by Jorge Dominguez

So hello guys, All of us have great ideas, and all of us want to know whats next episode would be. So this is my idea. List of Topics with likes. Everyone can enter the topic that would l...

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How do I order by an associations serialised value?

Rails • Asked by Andre Zimpel

Folowing setup: I got a rails app with dynamic content types. An user can create a content type and add fields (string, integer...) to it. Those are basically the smae like reugale rails models ...

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How is routing done with a conditional in url?

Rails • Asked by Matt Taylor

Not sure the correct words to ask the question are. Here is an example from what I have seen: `` So say Chris re-did some of the screencasts,and n...

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What do you listen to while coding?

General • Asked by Alan Reid

So i had an interesting chat with fellow community member Jacob, and we are wondering what music do you listen to while you're coding? What really gets you in the zone as you work hard creating ...

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has_and_belongs_to_many associations

Rails • Asked by Lauro Silva

Im building an app where a `User` belogns to several projects. Is this a good approach to create a "join table" that just tracks which `Projects` are connected to which `Users`? Is the `Collaborati...

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How to make form fields to display placeholder text?

Rails • Asked by Adrian DeGus

I'm working on a project management app that is organized into 3 panes: Project list | Task list | Task details views/_sidebar: has a form to create projects projects#show: has a form to cre...

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How Do i add an "Are You Sure?" button in my update controller

Rails • Asked by Neil Patel

Hi I want add a pop up button that says "Are you sure" when the user clicks on submit ? if it was a destroy mehod it would be something like this method: :delete, data: { confirm: "Are you sur...

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Rails • Asked by Antonio F.

Hi, how could I manage emails in the background using devise gem in rails 5? P.S. you know if you can use the "devise-async" gem in rails 5? Regards.

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Post "Reaction" Feature

Site Feedback • Asked by Menj Villalobos

Hi Chris! Is it possible for you to add or create screencast on how to integrate this cool "reaction" features? :) Thanks! ![](

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Can I assign dates to display a link?

General • Asked by Nymweb

Hello, I'm doing an application where I have to show a link. The administrative must be able to assign the date where it is displayed and hidden. Sorry for my English. I think it's done with the g...

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Does anyone have tips on setting up redis and sidekiq on a Digital Ocean ubuntu 16.04 droplet?

Rails • Asked by Lance Williams

I have no trouble setting up redis but for some reason I can't get sidekiq to work. I can get sidekiq and redis to work locally on a mac using brew but not on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04 server. ...

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Edit Data on same page

Rails • Asked by Jorge Dominguez

Hi there guys, I would like that you help me found a tutorial to edit data on the same page and save to database.

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Slack forum notifications

Site Feedback • Asked by Chris Oliver

Just testing out slack forum notifications.

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Rails • Asked by Melanie

I've tried to follow along with Chris' tutorial on importing records from a CSV file. I cant get the file to upload. I've posted loads of quesitons on the discussion board for the first vide...

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Lots of trouble using LESS in a paid theme.

CSS • Asked by Jesse Waites

Hi, I have a paid theme from Themeforest that uses LESS. It sucks, but I didn;t notice at the time. I am using the less-rails gem and things were going OK. I am now trying to put together an admin...

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Deployment Question

Servers • Asked by Chris Zempel

[there was an error on original submission of this post, so I did it again and duplicated it. this one can be deleted!] [Please see this post](