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Rails actioncable registered connection issue
I'm implementing ActionCable in my Rails app. I'm facing an issue with Registered Connection error. I'm using MongoID in my Rails app. Here is my `connection.rb` ``` module ApplicationCable ...
Lee Terng Gio posted

Rails 6 + typeahead.js
Rails 6 + typeahead.js this is real?, it doesn't work for me
karamalesa posted

How to split devise edit form in rails app?
Iā€™m trying to split my rails devise edit form into 3 pages. But when I hit the submit button nothing happens and nothing gets saved. Any help would be much appreciated :-) I have created 3 edit...
Kasper Valentin replied ā€¢ Solved

Build Multitenancy App in a different way
[Apartment]( uses a different schema for every tenant You get a wayt better data isolation than the other existing solutions. Subdomain use [is not ultimate...
ben bonnet replied

Devise Masquerade as another User Discussion
There seems to be an issue in the latest version of devise_masquerade. In development the workaround to enable caching worked ``` rails dev:cache ```
PK replied

Hi Chris, I'd like your post about action cable, and I wonder if you can do a similar one for AnyCable? thank you.
Helmut Reiterer posted

Pipe convert out to Convert Input Minimagick
With a gem like `image_processing`, I believe you would just make two calls to do this. The first would want to save the output to the file so that the second could operate on its output. That way ...
Chris Oliver replied

What's the best way to implement Web Push Notification with Rails API?
Twilio is a lot of fun. šŸ¤“
Chris Oliver replied ā€¢ Solved

Testing Controllers that call an activejob
Thanks. I made no changes to my codebase, but updated my mac which forced a restart of everything and now the tests pass without issue. I can only think that it was related to this Sidekiq issue: ...
Paul C replied ā€¢ Solved

Realtime Notifications with ActionCable Discussion
Can you please share the link if you found it?
Shreyas S replied

Ruby get GET request data
Jim, You have to render a response through Rails. A `puts` is only going to print to the terminal. This doesn't work like PHP where it runs inside the HTML output, you have to actually build up ...
Chris Oliver replied ā€¢ Solved

Rails 6: A web app and an API server.
Can a Rails 6 app be built to both be a performant app with views and serve out data via an api? I've been looking for a tutorial, post, google term on this and have had no luck. Pointers and advis...
Bob Walsh posted

Hatchbox Postgres Problem
I would like to understand, when you talk about my server running out of memory, which server are you talking about? (the one I choose from Digital Ocean or my plan on Hatchbox). If you want we clo...
Houssein abil replied ā€¢ Solved

Advanced Caching with User Permissions and Authorization Discussion
Just different point of view. Less options hidding on your html, less opportunies for unaunthorize users to do harm on your site, while adding an authorization option on your back-end tight your s...
Helmut Reiterer replied

Question About Railties, rails repo and rails gems
It is a bit strange, but yes, they do use it as a monorepo. All the code for ActiveRecord is in the activerecord folder and so on. Each of those folders is a gem and gets published along with the R...
Chris Oliver replied

Which is the best place to put a custom validator class ?
I like `app/validators`. You can easily add in more there as needed and it's nicely organized. šŸ‘
Chris Oliver replied

Webpacker Javascript Embed Code Snippet & Scoped Styles Discussion
In case anyone else runs into this issue with Rails 6 and Webpacker, I needed to replace: `sources_from_pack_manifest` with `sources_from_manifest_entries`.
Clay replied

Nested Comment Threads in Rails - Part 3 Discussion
Hey Chris, Adding Ajax breaks the max_nesting. Any idea how to fix it?
Varun Reddy replied

How to Migrate from Heroku to Discussion
Chris, I can see that you mention Passenger + NGINX, any chace to use PUMA instead?
Cris replied

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