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Email Stripe Receipts

Rails • Asked by Steve Polito

Firstly, thanks for the great Stripe tutorials! I just finished implimenting basic subscriptions on my rails app. However, I do have a few questions regarding emails. **Will Stripe automatically...

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Access Rails constants from Webpack-managed JS

Rails • Asked by Alex Musayev

I'm just starting to use Webpack with Rails, and have a question. Let say there is a constant defined in Rails application. What could be a proper way to access this constant from JavaScript? Assum...

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How do I import a Sass library from within a "node_module" (Rails 5.1)?

Rails • Asked by Peter Marcano

Pretty much the question above! I have a Rails 5.1 app with webpacker installed, and I used npm to install a front end framework: `npm install bulma --save` Now that it is inside of `node_...

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Colorbox & Turbolinks load

Javascript • Asked by Thomas M

Hello, Rails 5.1.0 & Turbolinks5 & Jquery3.1.2 here I'm trying to make jQuery Colorbox works with dynamicly loaded elements (using ActionCable) with no luck. With the implementation below,...

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3rd party integrations using Oauth/omniauth

Rails • Asked by Masud Hossain

When creating a facebook login, you put `user = User.from_omniauth(env["omniauth.auth"])` inside `sessions_controller.rb` , so when a user goes to /auth/facebook it will prompt them to login via fa...

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Watchlist Toggle

Site Feedback • Asked by Ron Huppert

Hi Chris, Not sure what the origianal intention was regarding the "watch later" button other than marking the specific episode, but I wondered if it could be added to the episode filter options....

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Getting googlemaps javascript and turbo links working together

Javascript • Asked by Chris Rockwell

Hey Chris - been struggling with this off and on for a bit now. Just trying to add basic google maps using the javascript API (not the gems) to a rails 4.2 app and am having all of the various is...

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How do I Geocode location with either address or Lat / long

Rails • Asked by Joe Minock

I'm building a portfolio app where a user can share all of the locations that they like to work from. A location can be a home, office, coffee shop, park or some random place in the wilderness. Giv...

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How do I give Users the option of either selecting from a dropdown menu or inputting their own and adding it DB for other users

Rails • Asked by Omar Khedr

I apologize for the newbie question. But, I've been trying to create a special type of association and all my efforts have been failing. I would like to give users the ability to select their home ...

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Why do you choose ams (active model serializer) over jbuilder or the other way around? (Rails API)

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Drilon Buzuku

Hey Guys, I'm interested in knowing, why some developers choose ams over jbuilder and some prefer jbuilder over ams, to build Rails based API's. Cheers, Drilon

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Dynamic select boxes - like railscast 88 - but it ain't working

Rails • Asked by Aaron Taddiken

I am trying to scope a form selection list to from another select box selection. The select box groups the options correctly in the dropdown. Everything checks out in the console but it still does ...

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2 sites... 1 DB?

Rails • Asked by Alan Reid

Hello all! It's been a while since i was here, but i am back! So today I would like to get some opinions on a project I am working on. So here we go... What would be the best way to architect...

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How to upload multiple file inputs in rails production?

Rails • Asked by Srinivasa Varma

Hi there, I'm trying to upload multiple file inputs from single form. The form is working fine in development, but in production the form showing that redirecting for long time and returns nothi...

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How to i implement adobe e sign in rails 5?

Rails • Asked by naveen kumar

Echochamber is not up to date and also not working , i have found the working python app, should i use python to process the document , help me guys.

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Capistrano Rbenv Bundle Failed

Servers • Asked by Agung Setiawan

Hi, I'm following this tutorial on deploying rails app About to reach the last step but it failed when performing bundle install as screenshot below ...

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Use different repositories for frontend and backend?

General • Asked by Lykourgos Tsirikos

I'd like to ask a question. Lets say we have a web app that uses Rails api on the backend and Ember on the front end. The folder structure I guess would look like this: ``` my-app - backend...

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Turbolinks and jQuery compatibility on Rails 5

Javascript • Asked by Lauro Silva

I have a hidden field that's activated when clicked on the link using jQuery. When clicking on the link, the field appears just for a second and then disappears. ```javascript $('.use-diff...

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How can I setup Cloudfront CDN for Rails App ?!

Rails • Asked by Anh Vy Nguyen Vuong

It's good to have CDN enabled to speed up rails app but how can I do that with Cloudfront ?!

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Routing Error No route matches [POST] when submitting ActionMailer

Rails • Asked by Ben Clarke

I have created a form but I'm having issues submitting the form, it's not getting the right route, I'm sure this is a simple fix, I'm just not seeing it. Here are the relevant files: `new.htm...

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On what server is Gorails hosted?

Servers • Asked by Nymweb

On what server is Gorails hosted? I'm looking for one for a project