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Setup Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Discussion
I believe the instructions for installing postgres 11 are outdated; I had to manually create a pgdg.list file as per official site instructions. Similarly, before creating my username I had to star...
sebar replied

Two Factor Authentication With Devise Discussion
Facing same issue. Please share if you got any solution. [ERROR](

Good guide for standing up a solid Ruby gem development environment in Visual Studio Code?
[TeaTV](https://) is a free user-interface enabled way to watch videos like HD Movies and Television series for free using any device.
teatv replied

Protecting from XSS with Sanitize Discussion
Why isn't the alert displayed? 44 seconds from the start. How come there is no alert "hello"??? Many thanks.
octanepower replied

Rails for Mac OS Catalina
Thank you, Chris for such a speedy reply. I already did a manual "gem install mysql2" and I get this: "ERROR: Error installing mysql2: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension." Under...
Marc Guerrero replied

How ActionCable Uses Redis Discussion
That's a great question. I'll try to find the answer.
Monroe Mann replied

Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone - Part 3 Discussion
Thank you very much.
Lepskein Mikein replied

Error 500 on Heroku (app Ruby on Rails)
Hello , I created an app on Ruby on Rails, and everything is ok on my localhost. But on Heroku, it doesn't work : *We’re sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner...
Olive replied

Building a product in under 10 minutes with Jumpstart Pro Discussion
Amazing free template. Just amazing.
Vitaly Kozadayev replied

Using mail_form gem and Sendgrid - having an issue
I'm trying to test sending an email from the page, but I'm not receiving any emails in my inbox. While in the rails console, it looks like the email is sent correctly. I'm just not getting it. I be...
Kyle Williamson posted

Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 8 Discussion
+1 definitely
Thomas Sohet replied

How to Remove Unused CSS Classes from Tailwind CSS, Boostrap, and more with PurgeCSS Discussion
If anyone runs into a problem like (Like I just spent way to long debugging): `TypeError: Cannot read property 'names' of undefined` This is due to running `postcss-purgecss` not `@fullhuman/...
Mike Rogers replied

Help with Debugging
Hi all, I am trying to help out an open source project that I use. I found an issue and the developer has asked me to help debug the javascript but I'm a javascript hack and not sure how to do it....
Jim Miller posted

User 'folders' for uploaded files?
Is there any best practice / tutorial for organizing user uploaded files? In my app I have an 'uploadable' polymorphic structure where the user can upload files to pretty much any model etc. ...
Dan Tappin posted

Data Structure - Ruby
Van Roach replied

Uploading Files to DigitalOcean Spaces Discussion
Hey. Digital Ocean spaces does have CDN capabilities so you can use it for such. :) It now also has support for a custom subdomain for your space. i.e. instead of something.nyc3.digitaloceanspac...
Collins Zimba replied

Vue JS server side rendering with rails webpacker
Yaaay, there is a rails adapter for inertia.js now: Will give that a go.
Ed Tewiah replied

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