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Issues with paperclip gem on Windows 8
Rails • Asked by Harshabab Singh
Hi, i am new to rails(**using Windows 8, rails v = 5.1.4 & ruby v= 2.2.6**) and i am having issues with image uploading using paperclip gem, i saw the documentation on github & manually installed f...

General • Asked by hayfainisa
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Vue: share the same bootstrap across multiple files
Javascript • Asked by CuamckuyKot
Hi, guys! I'm tired to copy-paste the same piece across multiple files. ``` import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.js' import VueResource from 'vue-resource' import TurbolinksAdapter from 'vue-turbo...

ReactJS with Rails
Javascript • Asked by Tony Brown
I'd love to see a series on a **_real world_** app using **ReactJS** with Rails API.

Payments with Stripe Master Class
Rails • Asked by Brian Gilbank
Hey Chris - I signed up for your payments with Stripe course and "Creating The Checkout Form With Stripe.js" section is really confusing. Basically video three on the New Stripe JS element does eve...

How do I resolve this error with Stripe checkout on wizard page via wicked gem?
Rails Solved • Asked by Robert Hopman
Right now I get this error message when the submit.html.erb loads: **Cannot charge a customer that has no active card.** I want to understand how I can improve my controller. The goal is to not ...

Having trouble figuring out net/http and API calls.
Rails • Asked by Seona Bellamy
Hi folks, I need to make a number of calls to an API, some of which are GET requests and some of which are PUT requests. I've tried to make a common function since there's a bunch of security st...

Should scopes be seperated out to allow chaining or be specific to the what you are trying to do?
Rails • Asked by Stephen Sizer
I am trying to write an internal tender application and am having trouble figuring out the best approach for writing a scope. I have the following models ``` class Tender < ApplicationRecord...

Architecture for subscription with multiple users per account
Rails • Asked by Luca Rossi
Hi all! I developed an app that uses Apartment for multitenancy, Devise for authentication and Pundit for auth. Each tenant is represented by a business (business model), where the id is also th...

Hiring Part Time Rails Devs
General • Asked by Andrew Scott
Hey guys, I got a bunch of projects coming through the pipes in the next 6 months, and will need part time Rails help, with a focus on ecommerce. Can anyone who is interested send me through a b...

Is it safe to switch Apartment tenant using session variable to pass the tenant id?
Rails • Asked by Luca Rossi
Hello, I know that Rails uses a digest to secure session data, however I wanted to ask whether a better solution could be adopted. I am currently loading the tenant in apartment.rb using a te...

Coffeescript 2 Rails Asset Pipeline
Javascript • Asked by Jason Brown
How can we start using Coffeescript 2 in our Rails projects.

How to send Webhook?
Rails Solved • Asked by Andre Zimpel
I'm building a content management service which needs to send a webhook everytime the user saves a record. What's a best practice to send webhooks in a rails app? A LOT of tutorials are about re...

ElasticSearch connection refused
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Mason Donley
I am going through the ElasticSearch with searchkick video and I have installed ElasticSearch on my ubuntu box as well as installed searckick and added searckick to my model. Everytime I try to re...

Companies / Employees / Products
Rails • Asked by stan X
Hi GoRails friends, I have a list of products. Products can be created by users. So far so good. Now, I would like to allow some users to be part of companies (0, 1 or several). One user (...

Form not working for polymorphic has_many through association
Rails • Asked by Nino Rosella
In my Rails 5.1 app I am trying to create a tagging system from scratch. I have been using the *Comments with Polymorphic Associations* episode as a template. I want `Tags` to be a polymorphic `...

How do I install bootstrap-v4 via yarn?
CSS Solved • Asked by Drilon Buzuku
Hey Guys, I tried to install bootstrap4 via yarn. And I tried it like this: 1. yarn add [email protected] 2. rails webpacker:compile 3. add the line: import 'bootstrap/dist/css/boots...

Cross-platform rich text editing
General Solved • Asked by Nino Rosella
I'm building a note-taking Rails 5 app that will be a web app and will also act as a backend for OSX and Windows apps in the future. One of the key features is the rich editing of text - bold, ital...

add index to nested forms
Rails Solved • Asked by stan X
Hi guys. currently struggling to retrieve child index reference in nested forms. I have my main form: <%= form_for(resource, as: resource_name, url: registration_path(resource_name), htm...

How to read database table in Application.rb
Rails • Asked by Puneet Gaur
I am adding CORS validation in application.rb filw where domain names are given in Environment variable but I want to keep all domain in database table and validate these domain during CORS val...