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Need help started to learn JS
If you're new to web development, I think learning how to build static pages is a great way to start. Start with building a basic Portfolio site with html/css and write some vanilla Javascript to i...
Yi Mei Wang replied

How do I resolve Rails routing error: No route matches [GET] "/pages_about_path"?
Hi Chris, thank you very much for providing the solution to the routing error I was running into.
Alfred Montalvo Jr replied Solved

I'm not sure what's the correct title for my question is. Read the content for more information.
lambda { |teacher| teacher.fname + " " + teacher.lname } %>
Dexter Small replied

Webpacker failing to compile environment.js after upgrade to webpacker 5.0 gem
For some odd reason, I receive "**Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialised using a configuration object that does not match the API schema. - configuration has an unknown property...
Darion Wood posted

Security Hardening Servers with Fail2Ban Discussion
Not by default, it's too easy for people to lock themselves out if they aren't familiar with using SSH. We definitely encourage you to install it if you want. 👍
Chris Oliver replied

Server Administration with Cockpit Discussion
These server-management episodes are so good! Whole new side of development that I find very difficult to learn on my own.
Yi Mei Wang replied

Newbie question trying to understand collection_check_boxes method
As I understand it, `author_ids` is one of those Rails built-in magic merhods that gives you all the IDs of associated records. For example, if I have a School that `has_many :teachers` I can do `...
Daniel Weaver replied Solved

How to delete parent object when last associated child is deleted?
I have a Family model that `has_many` Kids. I'm using `dependent: :destroy` on the family so when it is destroyed the associated kids are destroyed too. All good. Now I need to destroy the famil...
Daniel Weaver posted

How to quiet Delayed Job logs in development?
For now I've changed the timer from default 5 seconds to 60 seconds with this: ` # config/initializers/delayed_job_config.rb Delayed::Worker.sleep_delay = 60`
Daniel Weaver replied

How to Build a Slack Slash Command App with Rails Discussion
Great tutorial! I'd be interested in learn how to enable a user to publish messages from a Rails App to Slack and the Slack message will be attributed to the user / not a bot.
Devan Moylan replied

Is there anyone who could offer advice or help with Generating a PDF Within the Program?
As I understand WickedPDF is exactly what you are looking for. You build your classic HTML view with all the things you need (images, links, text, styling) and Wicked builds a PDF from it. Have a l...
Chris-P-Chicken replied

Rails 6 - What Javascript/CSS Framework is good for me?
Dear community, since I'm not a good javascript programmer and new to Rails 6 (especially webpacker), I'm looking for a good framework for the whole fancy shit (Slider/Datepicker/Autocomplete/.....
Chris-P-Chicken posted

Rails, turbolinks and javascript. How to avoid duplicate Switchery button appear?
I'm implementing Switchery button in my Rails app and Turbolinks is on. When I navigate to another page, and then click the back button, the button is being duplicated. Here is my Javascript cod...
Lee Terng Gio posted

Making a contacts form page, getting LoadError
Hello. I'm trying to create a contact page that emails me directly from the contact me page of my portfolio site. I created the contact form model by following this tutorial on YouTube. But I'm get...
Kyle Williamson posted

Loading ruby SDK from WSL2 into JetBrains RubyMine throws exception
Hi, so i'm running WSL2, and install ruby with **rbenv**. Running **which ruby** yields the following: ``` /home/tensai/.rbenv/shims/ruby ``` So i put that in the **Ruby or verion manager path*...
JDavid17 posted

How are lockbox and attr_encrypted different from each other?
I'd like to store users' API keys in my database. Lockbox was previously suggested to me, but I just came across attr_encrypted gem and they look like they achieve the same results to me. I'd li...
Yi Mei Wang posted

Working with action cable and remote redis server on development
I further inspected redis via ``redis-cli monitor`` and found out that ``ActionCable.server.broadcast`` publishes messages to local redis even though the remote redis url is mentioned in ``cable.ym...
Shreyas S replied Solved

how to model on rails that a supplier can be a customer and a customer can also be a supplier. ?
Your model is wrong it's better to have a model named partner for example which has a partner type. Now you can seed it with partner types like Vendor, Customer, Supplier Both, whatever you want `...
Peter vande Put replied

Is there an episode on Post Production Updates?
1. Make sure to work from different branches in git (e.g. master branch is on your production server and develop is on your staging and local) 2. Do not make changes to your to exisiting migration...
Peter vande Put replied

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