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Sending Webhooks with Exponential Backoff Discussion


love the episode!

Just a tiny remark; when running this code;

  def send_create_webhook!
    User.has_webhook_enabled.find_each do |user|
      SendWebhookJob.perform_later(user.webhook_url, {
        type: "tweet.created",
        id: id,
        body: body,
        user: {
          id: user_id,

Wouldn't that be sending the wrong You pass in the user that wants to receive the webhook and in the body, you refer to that webhook user, instead of the user that created the tweet.

I think refering to would fix that.

Sidekiq has an automatic job retry with exponential backoff:

Why didn't you use that?

I make a change to use Sidekiq retry

class SendWebhookJob < ApplicationJob
WebhookNotFound =

retry_on WebhookNotFound
queue_as :default


def perform(webhook_url, data)
puts "#{} : Sending data to #{webhook_url}"

response =, json: data)
successful = response.code == 200 || raise(WebhookNotFound)


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