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Eigenclasses Discussion

Discussion for Eigenclasses

Why does this video say it is private - I have seen it on my iPhone, but its so small, I wanted to see it on a big screen too
Also - I would enjoy a video on Ruby's Hash caching and Rails Lowlevel Caching with blocks too - if that is interesting to you.


Ah - It looks like I have to wait a few days (I hope)


Has the video finally been made public?


It's very detailed and super helpful video, thanks a lot.


I was mistaken when I believed that this could be used with the Rails Asset Pipeline.
PurgeCSS obtains Tailwind CSS from the javascript/css directory, where it is installed.
I was hoping this would also work with the Bootstrap gem because I prefer Bootstrap than Tailwind (loathe having tons of CSS classes tied to my divs). It appears that further configuration is required in order to load Bootstrap using the Webpacker CSS pipeline.

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