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Use the helper methods that are declared in controller and has default params in view spec ?
Controller methods are not available in the view unless you expose them with `helper_method :sort_column`
Chris Oliver replied

Is it just me does anyone else feel that javascript world has gone crazy?
Hello everyone,,, To begin with, there are so many js frameworks out there that's enough to intimidate a newbie who wants to learn "just javascript". Things in js world change so fast that we ca...
Petter Jhon posted

Can't duplicate photoshop gradient overlay in CSS - anyone encountered that?
Hello everyone,, So im trying to duplicate a button style from photoshop to CSS. i tried to do it manually but fail miserably, so i tried websites that export css code from uploaded images, the...
Limka posted

Is it necessary to overengineer Java programme?
Recently I've been studying Spring Boot and Spring Framework to develop a RESTful API application. Previously I have been using Laravel to develop RESTful API for my work. But I decided to expan...
Jonesmartinze posted

Best Object Mapping Frameworks for Java
There are so many Object Mapping Frameworks for java, but I don't know which one is best to use, if I should use ModelMapper, MapStruct, Dozer, Jmapper, Orika, etc. Some people said to use MapSt...
WhiteleeMartinze posted

How do i deploy NGINX with passenger without installing rails?
Passenger is an Ubuntu Linux package, it will install any dependencies required automatically. You don't have to worry about them.
Chris Oliver replied

How to test helpers in Rails with Devise current_user and ActionView::TestCase Discussion
Thanks Chris! Update: Rubocop recommend to use (Style/TrivialAccessors: Use attr_reader to define trivial reader methods.) attr_reader :current_user

How to import javascript from Gems with webpacker
Yep, you can do that. Or if they have a node package, you can use that instead.
Chris Oliver replied Solved

What makes you like Ruby/Rails?
I personally love Ruby because the language is designed for humans first and foremost. You don't have to jump through hoops to make the computer understand it, so you can spend your time thinking a...
Chris Oliver replied

How to test ActionMailer in Rails Discussion
Great episode, Chris. I like how you said you don't really need to test CSS styling but instead focus on testing the higher level functionality of your mailers. That way, a developer doesn't go dow...
Thomas Hall Jr. posted

How do I get avatar.variant(resize: “200x200”) on Rails 5 to work using aws on production?
Yeah, that would probably work fine for now. I'm not sure when Rails 6.1 will come out but it might be a little while so you'll probably need a solution like this until then. This basically replica...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

How do I introduce a cookie consent banner in Rails 6?
What is the current go-to way to show a cookie-consent banner (as required in the EU) with Rails 6 and Webpacker?
Bijan Rahnema posted

Create little (parse data, formatting and counting) project
Hello, friends. I am a total newbie in ruby, I want to try to do the following thing: create a program that will collect vacancies and monitor the number of repeated words from them. The structure...
Enterigo posted

How to use position fixed and a z index together
i have a custom cursor on my page, the z index is 7.When I hover over the text on the footer, i want the text to overlap the white, I put z index 12 on the text to make it higher but it is not bein...
BernalTurado posted

How to create a progress bar with vertical lines between elements
I'm having a little trouble creating a css effect and don't even know what to Google to find code snippets. I have been tasked with creating a progress bar. The bar h...
MarvinToran posted

form using form_with not loading - - [30/Nov/2019:19:55:21 EST] "GET /items/new?utf8=%E2%9C%93&item%5Bitem_type_id%5D=9&commit=New+item HTTP/1.1" 200 1758 http://localhost:3000/items -> /items/new?utf8=%E2%9C...
Fugee Ohu posted

Why doesn't my app show on my browser when running locally?
I'm new to rails and trying to display a very simple app from codecademy which results in this error on my browser: PagesController#welcome is missing a template for request formats: text/html ...
vkuz91 posted

How do I store users’ API keys for 3rd party services
That's an incredibly simple and elegant solution. Thank you so much Chris!
Yi Mei Wang replied Solved

Looking for VERY Basic Rails EXPLANATION videos
I think it would be better if you ask questions about what you don't understand. "stuck on the basics and understanding the “need” and/or implementation of certain things." What things do y...
Tabish Iqbal replied

Can't duplicate photoshop gradient overlay in CSS - anyone encountered that?
So im trying to duplicate a button style from photoshop to CSS. i tried to do it manually but fail miserably, so i tried websites that export css code from uploaded images, the issue is i still ...
ShedenSmith posted

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