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What is the point of Futures if everything is blocking?
I come from a JS background so bear with me. The biggest thing about Node is that, although it’s single threaded, you have the event loop and async IO, so promises just make so much sense.https:...
JonathanFernas posted

Is it necessary to overengineer Java programme?
Previously I have been using Laravel to develop RESTful API for my work. But I decided to expand my programming horizon by learning additional language, and seems like a strict type language can he...
AmbrusFernas posted

ActiveAdmin & Autocomplete
Has anyone had, and hopefully fixed, the jquery(?) conflict between activeadmin and autocomplete ( I was using easyAutocomplete ). Soon as I have both in a project it breaks with not a function ...
Colin McGowan posted

How do I upload an image from the clipboard just by pasting an already copied image?
I've never done it, but looks like you can do this:
Chris Oliver replied

Improving and Practising Ruby Skills?
If you are learning something it is a good idea to have an actual purpose in mind. If you don't it is hard to push yourself on learning for learning's sake. So best thing is to think of a proble...
Colin McGowan replied

Good/Interesting/Fun examples of Ruby DSL
I've been hearing that coding in Ruby is a real pleasure and namely the fact that one writes a DSL for the problem he's solving. Could anyone provide some fun, interesting or j ust...
RichardSmith posted

Authentication library!!
I need to implement a simple login feature for a site. Given how common a need this is, I figure there must be popular and well maintained libraries out there that will do a lot of the work for me....
Charlesmartin posted

How do I get avatar.variant(size: "") to work using aws on production?
I can't get variant(size: "") to work while using a cloud provider in production. I need to user.avatar.service_url.split("?").first to get the right path for the img but when I do this, I can't...
Luis Daniel Fonseca posted

HTML font-size: 62.5% is way larger than it should be
Hello, I'm running into a problem where I want to use rems as a unit, so I set the html font-size to 62.5%, which I've seen as a common practice, which should give me 1rem = 10px (because the defau...
AndersonGarcia posted

RSCSS. Styling CSS without losing your sanity
This is a small article where we touch on RSCSS adding snippets. Thinking of a beautiful and grammatically [tweakbox]( correct CSS code over and over again but still wiped...
ThomasAnderson posted

Welp. They just let me go.!!
I started with a company 7 weeks ago and they just let me go. They had no training material whatsoever. They interviewed me as an engineer. The moment I started, they started treating me like a man...
Charlesmartin posted

Welp. They just let me go.!!
Oof, that sounds awful. Any company should expect that you have a month or two of onboarding as you get used to the product, how it works, and how the team makes decisions and implements things. ...
Chris Oliver replied

Can anyone recommend an online SQL course that would benefit a Rails dev?
I'm looking to build on my very limited SQL knowledge and do an online course. A lot of course have an emphasis on certain topics, like data analysis or MySQL, for example. I'm using mostly SQLite ...
joelfernandes posted

Do we need an alternative to JSON?
Hey everyone, Maybe this is a controversial topic but I've been wondering for a while about a JSON alternative. Being able to serialize objects, array, string, numbers and booleans is nice and f...
Charlesmartin posted

Skip Stripe checkout for user with certain conditions
Hey Anthony, After the user signs up through the referral link, you can add the free post to their account. That might just be a column on the user model to keep track of it, up to you. Then ...
Chris Oliver replied

Intermediate JS developer looking to learn Ruby
All tutorials I come across are either for be [SHAREit]( ginners (hello world sort of thing) or too advanced for me (bringing stuff I have no idea where it is coming from). Cou...
SimonBritto posted

Possible to get img elements to be the size of container and behave like background-image?
I’m using a grid for a complex layout and I would like the images in it to have no control over size. The grid is set using fr unit s so that it too will not have an actu...
DomnikBritto posted

How do I customize a Google Maps marker (like AirBNB)?
I'm curious if anyone has experience customizing the marker in Google Maps, a la AirBNB ![as seen here]( I understand how the icon works but I haven't had succe...
Taylor Cooney posted

How to display Active Storage attached file when editing form?
I am building an Agreement management app. Each Agreement has vendor, activation, expiration dates and file. File is an attached agreement in pdf. I use Active Storage for attaching files. When I e...
danielindon posted

Is it just me does anyone else feel that javascript world has gone crazy?
Hello everyone,, To begin with, there are so many js frameworks out there that's enough to intimidate a newbie who wants to learn "just javascript". Things in js world change so fast that we can b...
Ramond posted

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