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Affiliate Program Gems

Brent C asked in General

I would love a tutorial on creating an affiliate program... Anyone have any gems they can recommend?


That would be cool. I've had to build a basic affiliate program in the past several times. I'll usually make it from scratch, but there might be some gems for it.

Ever seen this one?


I have been looking into that one. But, I've been leaning towards rolling my own. From what I gather online, it's not to complicated just takes some mapping out depending on the complexity. A multi-tier program seems to get more complex but luckily I'm not needing that right now, haha.

It would be nice to have a comprehensive video tutorial to reference *hint, hint, wink, wink. LOL



I think most of the time you'll need to do about 3 things:

  1. Share the ?ref=LKSJDFLKJSDG in the url where that's some unique code per user saved on the User model
  2. When someone visits the page, just stash that in a cookie, preferrably the session so it can't be tampered with
  3. Upon registration/checkout, check that cookie by looking up the referral user to see if you can find one that matches. If so, record the referral and whatever else you want to do with that.

How do multi-tier programs work?

I can definitely make a video for you on that. I'm moving in a about 2 weeks, so I'll put that on the schedule to record shortly after I get settled! :D


+1 for an affiliate program screencast!


Yes, would love an affiliate program screencast!

Definitely, it would be useful a video about that

+1 for a multi-tier affiliate program screencast, which would work with different ways of payments (PayPal, Stripe). :)


Yaay! Please!


+1, needed it very much.


Depending on what you need, Chris already did 2 screencasts on this, one for Rewardful & Stripe and one from scratch,


@Mark Rybarczyk
Thanks buddy!

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