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Custom Turbo Stream Actions Discussion

Great episode! Is there any convention or recommendation for managing the JS code instead of throwing it all in the application.js? Something like app/javascript/stream_actions/console_log.js, etc, and then having an import statement that loads the entire folder?


You sure can do that. I would have each file register the function itself and all you'd need to is require those files.


I see you're importing from @hotwired/turbo

I have Rails 7 set up with importmaps so have the pin pin '@hotwired/turbo-rails', to: 'turbo.min.js' however trying import { StreamActions } from '@hotwired/turbo-rails' just results in the error: Uncaught SyntaxError: The requested module '@hotwired/turbo-rails' does not provide an export named 'StreamActions'

I've seen multiple different ways of solving the problem and even using something like turbo-power but what would be the recommended way of setting up the pins/imports/etc for a simple example like the console_log custom action?


Hi Ben, did you find an answer to this question? I have the same situation.
I am going to follow this:


Hi Neil, I left the pins as stated above and eventually found a nice simple way of using the Turbo object created via import '@hotwired/turbo-rails':

Turbo.StreamActions.redirect = function () {
  const url = this.getAttribute('url') || '/'
  Turbo.visit(url, { frame: '_top', action: 'advance' })

To round it out we created a quick helper as well:

module TurboStreams::RedirectHelper
  def redirect(url)
    turbo_stream_action_tag("redirect", url: url)

render turbo_stream: turbo_stream.redirect(root_url)

(it's essentially the same solution as in the link you posted)


Hi Chris, do you have plans to make a video on using turbo in rails 7 like we use ajax in older rails versions with rails UJS ?


Great episode, that really seems cool and easy to approach. Yes, I'd love to see more episodes on Turbo, frames and streams

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