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Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms with Turbo Discussion

I get this as params: #"qKvGxL2bY6ocX4aYK8-zarRvKGfkacBllfYkeU13RTan8kn3KnfsHJir80zYofjGx3edr6FfrHc8pLe6FVOh7g", "purchase"=>#"1", "fecha_compra"=>"16/11/2023", "fecha_vencimiento"=>"16/12/2023", "referencia"=>"6454564", "descuento"=>"0.12", "purchase_details_attributes"=>{"1700168757"=>{"cantidad"=>"10", "costo_unitario"=>"10", "precio"=>"", "id"=>"", "purchase_id"=>"", "product_id"=>""}}} permitted: false>, "bar_code"=>"01", "commit"=>"Grabar", "controller"=>"purchases", "action"=>"create"} permitted: false>. I don't get why I get the permitted: false. Anyone has a clue? Please...

Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms with Turbo Discussion

I have a question: I tried this thechnique in my app: <%= fields_for "purchase[purchase_details_attributes][#{ purchase_detail.persisted? ? purchase_detail.id : Time.now.to_i }]", purchase_detail do |ff| %> but I get a "undefined local variable or method `purchase_detail' for #ActionView::Base:0x00000000011670", within the calling form I issue this <%= render partial: 'purchase_line', collection: @purchase.purchase_details %>. What am I doing wrong?

Posted in Custom Turbo Stream Actions Discussion

Great episode, that really seems cool and easy to approach. Yes, I'd love to see more episodes on Turbo, frames and streams

Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms with Turbo Discussion

I posted a question to Stack Overflow because I have a problem with the styling of the new rows added through turbo_frame: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/76536957/rails-7-turbo-stream-dynamic-table-wont-get-parent-table-style I hope you can help me with this... It works fine but the styling is not right

Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms with Turbo Discussion

You need to delete the 'import RenderResponseController' entry from the app/javascript/controllers/index.js to have the app working with turbo stream implementation

Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms with Turbo Discussion

Great video! The last implementation comes as a sorprise as in any good novel =) Great, thank you!

Posted in Hotwire Modal Forms Discussion

Excelent video Chris, thank you much

Posted in Our First API Discussion

I agree code evolves and so do technology, but I would expect at least a note on differences when things change

Posted in Our First API Discussion

There are some things in the source code repository that are different from the video, this is not the quality I expect when paying $19 USD a month for a suscription, I feel disappointed... For sure, my disappointment will grow as you are not responding

Posted in Our First API Discussion

Your video ommits the line 'render json: @location, include: ['recordings']' in the locationsController#show

Looks like there is nobody here anymore, but I'm going to post this request for help anyway... I'm getting this error from ostruct and don't know how to solve it (NoMethodError)

hash.each_pair do |k, v|
from /Users/lflores/.asdf/installs/ruby/3.1.0/lib/ruby/3.1.0/ostruct.rb:128:in `initialize'
from /Users/lflores/Laboratory/RailsLab/pli_third_parties_api_wrapper/lib/pli_third_parties_api_wrapper/object.rb:6:in `initialize'
from /Users/lflores/Laboratory/RailsLab/pli_third_parties_api_wrapper/lib/pli_third_parties_api_wrapper/resources/users.rb:6:in `new'
from /Users/lflores/Laboratory/RailsLab/pli_third_parties_api_wrapper/lib/pli_third_parties_api_wrapper/resources/users.rb:6:in `show'
from (irb):3:in `<main>'
from bin/console:22:in `<main>'

I will try using 'respond_to(:each_pair) to cut the recursivity call to 'to_ostruct(val)'... whish me luck ...

Great series of videos, I'm learning a lot here, Best investment I have made (Forget Udemy LOL). Thank you Chris!

Looks like the code in this episode has evolved over time, I'm watching it (paid my subscription too) in 2022, post pandemic, and the source code is quite different now at GitHub, where can I find the logic behind the code evolution? Thanks, great content, definitely worth the subscription

Wonderful, thank you =)

Thank you much Chris, I may be wrong but this is the kind of detail I have not found in books like Obie Fernandez's 'The Rails 4 way', Hanson's 'Agile Web Development with Rails 5' nor Michael Hartl's 'Ruby on Rails Tutorial' which I have, not even in the Rails guides... What documentation or book do you recommend to get a deep knowledge on these details?

Now I get this

TypeError: wrong argument type Class (expected Module)
from /home/lflores/Projects/cna-bdays/app/models/licencia.rb:2:in `include'

I'm confused...

I wrote a custom validator for a model in my app, but when I try to access that model I get

LoadError: Unable to autoload constant Validators::LapseValidator, expected /home/lflores/Projects/cna-bdays/app/models/validators/lapse_validator.rb to define it 'load missing constant'

Here is a gist to the involved code: https://gist.github.com/lflores1961/8ad21b6e903cd4e2028133087ea23f08
What am I doing wrong? please help

Posted in Where do I put a custom validator for a model?

Thank you Chris, so I guess it be ok if I put it inside the concerns folder. One more thing should it be a module or just a class definition?

Posted in Where do I put a custom validator for a model?

I'm confused about where to put code for a custom validator I wrote, should I create a nested class inside the model file? or create a new file in models/concerns? I have the code but don't know where is the right place to put the file, can someone help me please?

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