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Our First API Discussion

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When should I use rails new my_app --api ? or it's ok to use rails new as usual even if I'm building an API


I´m getting a undefined method `temp' for nil:NilClass when i try to access json.temp @location.recordings.last.temp, I'm confused why this would be as i have the has_many set here is my code if anyone has any input that would be great git code here


Note: if rake routes doesn't work for you, it is because it has migrated to "rails routes".


Your video ommits the line 'render json: @location, include: ['recordings']' in the locationsController#show


Dear FF, welcome to the forum. Please recognize you email us all when you post here. I looked the the repo due to your non-edited comment. You're referencing a repo from 6 years ago. Code is constantly changing, and we must get used to that fact of life online.


I agree code evolves and so do technology, but I would expect at least a note on differences when things change


There are some things in the source code repository that are different from the video, this is not the quality I expect when paying $19 USD a month for a suscription, I feel disappointed... For sure, my disappointment will grow as you are not responding

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