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LoadError: Unable to autoload constant Validators::LapseValidator

Fernando Flores asked in Databases

I wrote a custom validator for a model in my app, but when I try to access that model I get

LoadError: Unable to autoload constant Validators::LapseValidator, expected /home/lflores/Projects/cna-bdays/app/models/validators/lapse_validator.rb to define it 'load missing constant'

Here is a gist to the involved code:
What am I doing wrong? please help


It needs to be namespaced under Validators:

class Validators::LapseValidator < ActiveModel::Validator


Now I get this

TypeError: wrong argument type Class (expected Module)
from /home/lflores/Projects/cna-bdays/app/models/licencia.rb:2:in `include'

I'm confused...


You can't use include with a class. Remove that and reference the class directly like so:

class Licencia < ApplicationRecord
  validates_with Validators::LapseValidator

That should do the trick. 👍


Thank you much Chris, I may be wrong but this is the kind of detail I have not found in books like Obie Fernandez's 'The Rails 4 way', Hanson's 'Agile Web Development with Rails 5' nor Michael Hartl's 'Ruby on Rails Tutorial' which I have, not even in the Rails guides... What documentation or book do you recommend to get a deep knowledge on these details?


I spent a lot of time just reading source code for Rails and trying to apply those approaches to my own code.

Most of the deep knowledge is just Ruby, not Rails. I should mention, I made a course last year that digs into all these things that I wish I knew about Ruby when I was learning Rails. Explains a lot of approaches that you'll see in gems like Rails. Took me years to learn all this stuff, so I thought it'd be good to put it into a course. Might be worth checking out.


Wonderful, thank you =)

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