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Transforming JSON responses to Ruby objects with OpenStruct Discussion

This is great to see but I'd prefer to put the "key" as an attribute on the class itself. Maybe Vultr::Plan::KEY or a class attribute. That way we merely pass in the "type" and the Collection can either access the "::KEY" or class attribute of the type.


Hey Chris, have you considered simplifying this by using

JSON.parse('{"color": {"name": "red"}}', object_class: OpenStruct)

It seems to do what you are after :-)


I used to use this method object_class: OpenStruct but when you use this pattern you cant

  • transform inside the document it has pointers/links to break out into another object type
  • Chain different secondary api calls for any links/pointers


  • OpenStruct has terrible performance and rubocop will complain about this.

Great series of videos, I'm learning a lot here, Best investment I have made (Forget Udemy LOL). Thank you Chris!

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