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Hey all, we are using named variants with fixtures to both test and load example data in development. We started getting Foreign key violations found in your fixture data. errors and found we needed to create an empty test/fixtures/active_storage/variant_records.yml file to make sure the active_storage_variant_records table is cleared out properly when reloading the fixture data with rails db:fixtures:load.
Just sharing in case someone else comes across a similar issue.

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Hi Ben, did you find an answer to this question? I have the same situation.
I am going to follow this:

Hi, I am interested in doing this also. Di you have any success? I tried deliver_by :action_cable, stream: Turbo::StreamsChannel.signed_stream_name([,]) in the notification and <%= turbo_stream_from [,], channel: Noticed::NotificationChannel %> in the view without success.

I tried to combine this with the direct S3 uploads and keep the URL's private. It's working well for me so far so here are the changes i made in a gist
I am a relative novice in Javascript so if anyone has corrections or improvements I would love to know :)

Hi Chris, I am trying to get the Direct uploads to S3 to work with trix. Can you offer some pointers/resources that may help me?