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Error installing gem pg on Mac with
The pg gem will not install. Getting: ``` ERROR: Error installing pg: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. current directory: /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.3.0/gems/pg-1.1.4/ext /System...
John Petit posted

How to save DOM elements in the database?
Hi Max Thanks. Yes, there will be several props for each stage and the props are saved in a separate table. A work-in-progress can be found here:
Magnus von Bromsen replied

How do I add a favicon in rails 6 through packs
How do I add a favicon in rails 6 through packs
Fugee Ohu posted

Problem in uninstalling rails and Ruby from ubuntu 16.
Is there any way to uninstall rails 6.0.1 from ubuntu 16 and ruby as well because i have installed ruby through rbenv. Please suggest any standard way to uninstall it. i am beginner in rails.
Dilip posted

Best resources/way for learning Ruby for a complete newbie?
I just got an internship and I am going to be programming in Ruby on Rails. I am going to be learning Ruby on the job but want to learn it on the side and accelerate my learning so I can start cont...
wolf kinara posted

Is it just me does anyone else feel that javascript world has gone crazy??
To begin with, there are so many js frameworks out there that's enough to intimidate a newbie who wants to learn "just javascript". Things in js world change so fast that we can barely keep up. I'm...
MerchanLobo posted

Is it necessary to overengineer Java programme??
Previously I have been using Laravel to develop RESTful API for my work. But I decided to expand my programming horizon by learning additional language, and seems like a strict type language can he...
MerchanLobo posted

Handling large-ish Excel files with Apache POI
Hi, I'm working on an application which takes Excel files as inputs. These files may have some tens of columns and several hundred thousand rows. They reach 50-60mb in size on the disk. [hotmail...
Tonnystark posted

Model not updated correctly on drag (Apartment + Vue + Rails 6)
**Stack used**: Rails 6 **Gems used**: Apartment, Devise, Vue, vuedraggable, acts_as_list Hi guys! I'm trying to create a "Trello" type app (following the Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails screenc...
Alan Dew posted

Force client browser to clear cache after tenant switch
I have a Rail app where the user can switch tenants (activerecord_acts_as_tenant). The issue is that in production the browser is caching the old client HTML etc. I came across this: https:/...
Dan Tappin posted

HTML font-size: 62.5% is way larger than it should be
Anybody please respond. Thanks [](
kelwein marteina replied

rails 6 favicon.ico Webpacker can't find favicon.ico
app/javascripts/packs/application.js: import "favicons" app/javascripts/packs/favicons.js: const faviconsContext = require.context( ‘!!file-loader?name=../images/favicons/[name].[ext]!.’, ...
Fugee Ohu posted

Starting to learn Ruby/Rails?
I mostly program in Python, but I'd like to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Where would you recommend starting? Are there good tutorial series to read/watch? Good books to get?
Robert Rose posted

Best tutorial/blogs for Css
I work with react and vue but everytime I do CSS, I hate my work the most. I hate doing css because everytime i copy some css like othe [SHAREit]( r code it just doesn't works...
JohnMajor posted

Ruby 3x3 Performance
Ruby 3 will have both Fibers and Guilds. Matz talked about it in the Rubyconf keynote this year:
Chris Oliver replied

HTML font-size: 62.5% is way larger than it should be
Hello, I'm running into a problem where I want to use rems as a unit, so I set the html font-size to 62.5%, which I've seen as a common practice, which should give me 1rem = 10px (because the defau...
kelein marwin posted

Started to learn JS, now I'm just overwhelmed. Please help.
Thank you very much for that guide Andrew
Jim Ryan replied

Can anybody give me some tips on gorilla mux and/or rice go?
The Google Blog provides you the best information about business ,education ,health etc related all topics . We invite you to submit your 1000+ words unique articles. Visit for more info. [Mywifiex...
sushi8 replied

Check CSS for Title Requirements
I think I figured out the CSS for what I'm looking for, but wanted someone to check it over. A subreddit I manage has a rule that post flaired "Advice/Career" must start with the posters country of...
JubinMenez posted

Aplaying flexbox to the body element.
Hello everybody. I have a html document with nothing but a 200x200 px div. When I try to center it with flexbox it centers horizontally without a problem, but vertically it does...
SheldonMenez posted

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