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Looking for advice on how to pick up rails quickly
I am a programmer with almost two years of experience writing software in mostly Go and Python (backend). I need to learn rails in about 3 weeks time before starting my new internship at hackerrank...
MasonLogan posted

Configure ruby projects of old version
This would help you create new Rails apps with different versions. Bundler already handles separate Rails versions for each app, so that's already handled for you. It installs whatever is in the Ge...
Chris Oliver replied

Is Gorails's jumpstart worth the price?
There was a good little discussion Reddit about it. I also posted some notes about it there as well to help explain the difference between the free and pro versions:
Chris Oliver replied

how do implement a rails popularity/trending algorithm!!
Here's a gist that contains Reddit's popularity algorithm that you could use. It's pretty simple and just uses upvote, but you could add in comments and impressions to the calculation too. https://...
Chris Oliver replied

Ruby on Rails ActionMailer Images Issue
Hey Maximilian! I haven't actually done this before, but it looks like you're mostly on the right path. I found this on Stack Overflow that looks very similar.
Chris Oliver replied

Digital Oceans Spaces set up to test in Development
Trying to set up digital ocean spaces in my development environment in order to test it out and make sure all the settings are correct before i push to production. But getting a Access blocked by ...
Alex Deering posted

rails new demo without getting a error message?
Does anyone have any suggestion on how to sovle this problem?
Michael Amay replied

Any way to reduce complexity passing JSON to Vue.js component?
Hi, I'm trying to figure out a way to reduce the complexity of passing a JSON to a Vue.js component. Currently I've got something like this placed on a model scope, ``` scope :to_vue, ->...
Eduard Garcia posted

Can not use toast of bootstrap in rails
Sounds like you missed a step. I just updated the repository to include toasts in the example and they work just fine.
Chris Oliver replied Solved

How do I exclude images in my auto formatting of PDF links?
I added some CSS to my site to put a font a wesome PDF icon in front of every hyperlink that links to a PDF. It looks great, but there are a lot of instances where there...
AustinLan posted

Does anyone have a pre-made stylesheet for wiki pages?
Although I wouldn’t mind making a custom style sheet, it would be quicker to find a style sheet that’s already been made. I’m currently trying to make a wiki page for something and I don’t want to ...
MaverickLan posted

Bizarre cache issue
How do I force the browser to always refresh parts or all of the content? I have a bizzare issue where the browser is caching parts of the site. For example I have a 'History' for a model row i...
Dan Tappin posted

how can i access boolean value to other controller in rails
i have ProjectSite model and ManagerRemark model related to many to one association. my MangerRemark model remark string field and decision boolean value true and false. i want to access that boole...
anuj posted

RailsCasts or GoRails?
To whom should I give my 9$? Consider that is inactive for almost two years.. Hey everyone, [showbox]( I read the beginner FAQ, but i am so confused on m...
leonardsores posted

How do you figure out what and how to load the css/scss assets with Webpacker
For Bootstrap you added to `application.scss `(I may have named my folder differently: ``` import "bootstrap" import 'bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap' ``` and ``` @import '../css/bootstrap_cust...
Greg S posted

HTML font-size: 62.5% is way larger than it should be
Hello, I'm running into a problem where I want to use rems as a unit, so I set the html font-size to 62.5%, which I've seen as a common practice, which should give me 1rem = 10px (because the defau...
meklwin posted

How to create a progress bar with vertical lines between elements
Anybody please respond. Thanks [liteblue](
melwkin replied

Why is github permission denied after adding deploy keys?
I followed every single tutorial, and tried multiple different methods of authenticating my server's access to the github repo. All of it results in the same error, permission denied. Last few ...
Ethan Groat posted Solved

How to run rails initialization code that relies on all classes being loaded?
I have some crucial application setup code that I want to run once on application spinup that requires iterating through classes of a certain type and calling a gem specific initialize method on th...
Andrew Max posted

Expanding beyond a basic Rails CRUD site.
Hello everyone,,, So I've got a fairly basic CRUD style rails app, which has a list of Gins, Distilleries and and blog Posts. I'd like to expand it quite significantly in the following ways: ...
Konhaivo12 posted

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