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Tutorial on verifalia gem

Thomas Connolly asked in Rails

Having trouble setting this up on my Rails 7 app. A tutorial would be very helpful! Some goofball is using a bot to clog up my db with fake users. I've got him throttled to one a day, but it's quite annoying and potentially harmful if my app keeps sending emails to nonexistent email addresses (I could be labeled a scammer).
The instructions are probably quite good but they're all Ruby, not RoR, and I haven't learned enough POR, unfortunately. A Rails 7 approach would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Cloudflare as a proxy could help block the malicious user. They can block requests from known bots and present barriers to stop them.

They also run hCaptcha that you can implement in the sign up process to protect from bots. We have a lesson on that here:

I also like using invisible_captcha which is similar and doesn't require a third-party service (although it's not quite as good).

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