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Is there a acts_as_taggable gem that works on Rails 6?
acts_as_taggable_on works with Rails 6. I've been using it for ages, should do what you need. 👍
Chris Oliver replied

Flatpickr with "Present" value as well.
Thats a great help Chris. Thanks.
Gerard Donnelly replied Solved

How do i track or list online users with rails?
How can i track or list online users in rails?
3DWaffle posted

Screencast Suggestion - ElasticSearch / Datatables (with Search Panes)
👍 I will say that ElasticSearch / SearchKick is amazing. Glad to have finally purged all my old Ransack code.
Dan Tappin replied Solved

Looking for a secure place to store scanned tax forms
Thanks. I also found that cloudinary has a Private feature for the pictures.
Jeff Wolfram replied Solved

Failed to Run Localhost because of Run Time Error
I'm getting runtime error whenever I run the localhost. Redis was running but it only loaded the homepage. After about 10 seconds, the server stopped and gave us this error. ``` `__connect_nonblo...
[email protected] posted

EleasticSearch and Indexing Empty Models
That was the trick - I should have spent more time searching the issues and I would have found that. If any one else hits this issue also note the requirement to add the second level of { } to the...
Dan Tappin replied Solved

Friendly URL's question
Hey Nelson, The name of the model helps make routing _way_ easier, so that's why it's done that way. Here's an example of why. You might have a /sign_up route, but if you weren't careful, "si...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Get Jumpstart Pro
soungs good. I undersrand will purchase the single license for now
Martin Curiel replied

Angular 8 with Rails 6?
I'm working on getting Angular 8 working with Webpacker and Rails 6 and almost everything is working except for template rendering. When I go to the app and inspect, I can see the component selecto...
Quentin Robinson posted

Best Online Resources to Learn Rails
Start with the [Rails Tutorial](
Chris Oliver replied

Multiple File Uploads with a nice JS interface?
Hello everyone,, I am going with an 'Attachment' model which belongs to other models (just one for now). [9apps]( The '...
Highzen berg posted

Updating CSS classes in production doesnt show changes
Beautiful, that was it. Thanks so much
Alex Deering replied

Embeddable Javascript Comments Widget Models - Part 1 Discussion
Hello everyone,, This is perhaps a bit of a newbie question but I wanted to ask your opinion on what are the things I would consider usually when it comes to using the approach you outlined in the...
Konhaivo12 posted

Rails 6, Devise not allowing editing of user without password
I finally figured out what the issues were ( there were multiple)... 1. for the routing issue above in my last post, it was related to adding on to the edit_user_registration_path ...
Matt Bjornson replied Solved

Shrine Dynamic s3
That'd be a good question for Janko on the Shrine GitHub. I think that should be doable, but he would know how to do that best. I believe you would just create the S3 storage instance each time ...
Chris Oliver replied

Elasticsearch server with Hatchbox timing out
Thank you for the heads up that it wasn't working! I appreciate you!
Chris Oliver replied

Hatchbox deployment questions
Finally figured it out. The connection was there, just `rails db:setup` was failing, but `rails db:schema:load` did work. Thanks again for all your help and quick responses
Alex Deering replied

Issue when adding Confirmable in Devise - [ArgumentError - wrong number of arguments (given 0, expected 1)]
I've been setting up Devise Confirmable for my development environment Rails 5.1.7 app. My initializers/devise.rb looks like: Devise.setup do |config| require 'devise/orm/active_re...
rajasree posted

Customizing the Jumpstart app template
Thanks... this was quite helpful.
Dean Richardson replied

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