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How do I add minified JS files to the Rails Webpacker
I made a stupid mistake! Can call minified JS files also with the same way. So, instead of '' like I did before - I just have to use '' - and it runs.
Arjun Rajkumar replied Solved

Persist file info after rails validation error
Im working on my main form and have some form validations and running into an issue with a new form not maintaining the image upload after a validation error reloads the page. Here is my form-grou...
Alex Deering posted

Rails6 autorization method
Most of us prefer the Pundit gem for that. There's an episode on it as well. 👍
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Payment Rails Master Class (SCA) ready?
thanks! looking forward to it[](http://)
Alberto Negron replied

Active storage, remove record, but not file on Google Storage
Images are stored from one rails app, but records are syncronised to another app via graphql. What is the option for the second app to delete the record from itself without destroying the original ...
Simon Hutchings posted

acts_as_shopping_cart documentation?
Hello everyone, I'm trying to build a shopping cart for my new project and i decided to use the acts_as_shopping_cart gem, well didnt really decide to but really the only one i could find without g...
Darren Nickerson posted

Managed Postgres with DigitalOcean or thru own server with Hatchbox
Ok, so I'll probably start with the managed redis as well to make scaling easier in the future. Thanks for the info
Alex Deering replied Solved

How to use Devise Test Helpers Discussion
Any way of having sign_in before **all** Controller tests without having to individually place it in every controller test setup?
Ariel Wulkan replied

Devise Masquerade with multiple Devise User Models
Hi All, Has anyone used devise masquerade before with multiple devise models. I have and Admin model and a User model. I'm having issues and when I try implementing it, I can't seem to login ...
Stephen Sizer posted

Ruby & Rails Courses
Awesome! I've got a long weekend out of town, but when I get back I can probably crank on a few episodes that start from the very basics.
Chris Oliver replied

Convert a rails web application to offline or executable
I have tried to use ruby packer and traveling Ruby and others but as I am new to programming it is difficult for me. I'm looking for a programmer to convert a web application to offline or executab...
Felix Pujols posted

Multiple File Uploads with a nice JS interface?
Two reasons - if you have a wreck you cant easily find ophaned files. I also have clients than need data segrigation. Dan
Dan Tappin replied

How do I build an authentication system with rails + graphql (backend) and rect (front-end)
I want to build an authentication system with rails and graphql
Gonzalo Reyes posted

Rails 6: How do you associate specific stylesheet and external js plugin to a layout
I am working on Ruby on Rails 6. My application has a controller that uses a different layout called "special": ``` class BoxController < ApplicationController layout "special" ... en...
Joan Gabun posted

How to use Fixtures to create sample test data Discussion
Chris, thanks for all the great videos. These are super informative. I have a question about fixtures and TDD in general. Should I be creating a fixture for every potential variation in my mo...
Nick Hogan posted

Issue with bootstrap sprockets in application.js
Yeah, even better if you're using a more recent version of bootstrap. In terms of messaging/social purpose I would suggest to develop those features by yourself. There are not too complicated an...
Thomas Blumenfeld replied

How do i run sneaker worker in rails 6.0 ,ruby '2.6.3' ?
we have to add these lines in application.rb config.load_defaults "6.0" config.active_job.queue_adapter = :sneakers
gks replied Solved

What is the purpose of node_modules folder in rails 6?
node_modules is not rails specific actually. Since rails 6 is using webpack as the assets manager instead of sprockets, you get this node_modules folder with all dependencies of the libs specifi...
Thomas Blumenfeld replied

How do I embed a Rails app into another website?
Check out this series:
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Where is "embeddable javascript widget Part 4"?
Looks like I accidentally changed the naming scheme for that episode. 🧐
Chris Oliver replied Solved

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