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Jumpstart pro configuration question
Thanks Chris, I will continue to research and dig deeper.
Col replied

Devise on Heroku
Hello, I have been implementing device JWT with rails 6.0 API . I have used this callback to protect from fogery requests, On the applicationController ``` protect_from_forgery unless: -> { re...
Moses Gathuku posted Solved

How do construct remember me after login ?
In my login-in form in have a params 'remember me' . How do i read its value in controller . biggest problem i m facing right now. ``` Log In ...
Minimalstics posted

Javascript not executing
The javascript in the tutorial did not work. Ended up not doing two categories. Just one so did not do a json.movies. Did just the json.array. The categories: code stayed the same and it did ...
Paul Stutler replied Solved

Heroku Error - We're sorry, but something went wrong.
Not sure if this will be of help but if you happen to have this line in your application.html.erb `````` you should try removing it as this is how I fixed it
Amit Feldman replied

Service worker view patch does not working in cached
I want to add a view file inside cached but it doesn't work. How to call view Patch in cache? //serviceworker.js.erb ar CACHE_VERSION = 'v1'; var CACHE_NAME = CACHE_VERSION + ':sw-cache-'; ...
abdul544 posted

remove a powered by link left by my developer.
i am new to ruby/ror i had a developer create me a site (still in progress) and the developer left a "powered by" link on my site and i want to remove it ( i pay for domain name,hosting, developmen...
david posted

How do I create localized dropdowns with countires and cities?
Hi, I want to create a webpage (localized) with venues that have address (geocoded) and than search them by dropdowns/search field(autocomplete) in the area of X miles/km around location, so tha...
Kajzer posted

Markdown with image and aws support
Hi, I have integrated markdown and active storage in my rails application. Although I am sttruggling to upload markdown images to aws s3. Any help would be appreciated. Shabbir
shabbir saifee posted

Testing External APIs with VCR Discussion
I looked at VCR in the past and was a little intimadeted by it. Now that I have tried it, all I can say is how amazing it is! For n00bs, it is worth noting that after putting the configuration i...
Rod Klingler posted

Moving from STI to roles
Found this SO answer suggesting using the [strategy pattern]( to give methods different behaviour based on the user role. Looks very interesting but q...
Daniel Weaver replied

Thoughts on adding non-standard REST actions to a resource?
I didn't even though about using the custom route names but then pointing them to separate controllers to keep the code clean. I got too stuck in the "all or none" mindset of only doing it one way...
Dan LeGrand replied Solved

Beginner Tutorial in Rails6.0
I am a CS Professor who teaches a web application class in Rails. I created a series of videos for my class. I want to make them publically avaliable for free. (I do not receive money on YouTube fo...
Christopher Slade posted Solved

Noob question: how hard is it to build automated "abandoned cart" emails?
Shouldn't be too bad. You'd want to figure out what it means to abandon the cart. Is that a cart that was last created 1 hour ago that wasn't checked out? Then you'd want a cron job to look for...
Chris Oliver replied

Sub-site Authentication? (FAQ / KB / Helpdesk etc.)
Getting close: ``` # routes.rb authenticated :user do get '/help', to: redirect('https://help.insertyour.domain'), as: :help end unauthenticated do get '/help', to: 'h...
Dan Tappin replied

docker screencast?
Thanks for your answer Chris!
Maxi Vadora replied

Rails 6 and jQuery ui
Hi at all, I'm Davide and I started to learn Rails since about one week. I'm tryng to add Jquery ui selectable functionality to my project but I cannot load jquery-ui in webpack. Can you help me...
Davide posted

Setup MacOS 10.15 Catalina Discussion
I get these errors while creating the db. any suggestions? rake db:create #rake aborted! TypeError: no implicit conversion of String into Integer /Users/faqrulislamshaon/rubyrailtest/config/bo...
Faqrul Islam Shaon replied

Help with service objects
Hey guys in my project i need to refactoring my code. I using service objects but i need to help to send params from services to controller. I have nested_atribbutes and i need to help
Victor Giraldes posted

GitHub Actions with Ruby on Rails: Setting up Continuous Integration Discussion
Looks really interesting, thank you so much!
Heiko Paiko replied

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