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I need recommendation for ecommerce store

John Campbell asked in General


I need a recommendation for Hosting as cPanel is easy to manage but is not a good option for an ecommerce store as I would have limited control and do have performance and security issues. Whereas on the other side I have dedicated servers options for which I have full control but would require technical expertise to manage it. I need a solution somewhere between shared and dedicated hosting?

People are recommending me to go for managed hosting like provided by Cloudways web hosting ecommerce. What do you guys suggest shall I start with Managed hosting?


I assume you're talking about a Rails site. Is that correct? If not, use a SAS service like Shopify, or Ecwid.

How is an e-commerce site special in terms of hosting? What is your special requirement for hosting that other Rails sites do not need?

If you want easy hosting for a smaller site go for Heroku, if you have many users and you care about costs, and need a bit more control (for example install unique software) go for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


Also, I can't emphasise enough how beneficial having a phone number has been to my business. You don't even need to have someone answering the phone all of the time. I just tell individuals to leave a message and call back when they have a free moment. When I call back, I would estimate that only around 5-10% of the persons that call do not answer.

I get 5-10 calls every week, and at least half of them end in a sale, which is generally higher than traditional internet transactions. It's inconvenient to have my phone ring while I'm not available to answer it, but it's totally worth it!


Managed hosting, like Cloudways, can be a smart choice for an ecommerce store. It offers a balance between control and ease of use. Plus, you get the advantage of expert support for performance and security. It's worth considering!


It's great to see your forward-thinking approach to hosting for your ecommerce store, even after four years. Managed hosting like what Cloudways offers can be an excellent choice, providing that middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated servers.


If you're still exploring ways to enhance your ecommerce store's online presence, you might want to consider strategies like international link building at It's a long-term approach to connect with a global audience and improve your online visibility.

Whether you've already made a decision or are still considering options, combining managed hosting with link building can be a powerful way to boost your ecommerce store's performance and reach, even as the years go by.


Useful info!

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