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Can somebody explain to me what the hell is PRO-CSS?
Hello everyone,, To put it simply, Pro-CSS on a subreddit specifically just means that the sub/the mods of the sub are opposed to Reddit's possible removal of CSS, which is the formatting system u...
Jawline posted

Testing Times & Dates with Rails Discussion
Hi, Chris! Do you know about ? (gem rails-hyperstack) I would like to see the creation of a blog in 5 min. =)
Nikola Okonesh posted

Stuck writing an interpreter in Ruby. Not able to consume whitespace properly
So I am following the "Writing an interpreter book" and implementing it in Ruby instead of Go. I am able to scan tokens like ; =, +, etc but it seems to behave differently when I have identifiers l...
MontieFernandes posted

Is it possible to open a file via File Explorer in Ruby?
For example: if you open Microsoft Word, you can open the File tab and Open a file. This opens up the File Explorer and allows you to choose a .doc or .docx file to open. [appvalley](https://getapp...
BontieFernandes posted

When I search for a movie it shows the json output
Hai Chris First of all it was a wonderful and useful video When I search the keyword it open the result in json where do i make m...
sethuraman posted

Deploy RoR app from Azure DevOps to Linux Server
Hi all. Have some problem. I'm newest in Azure DevOps (AD). I created AD git repository for RoR project. Created pipeline for `master` branch: ``` trigger: - master pool: vmImage: 'u...
Andriy posted

Urgent question
I'm new to rails and can list any questions, hope to be looking for help in the right place. I need to embed an IFRAME in the SHOW of my app, but it doesn't obey. There is simply no content in the ...
mugabe777 posted

Is it just me does anyone else feel that javascript world has gone crazy?
To begin with, there are so many js frameworks out there that's enough to intimidate a newbie who wants to learn "just javascript". Things in js world change so fast that we can barely keep up. I'm...
Mintu Khan posted

Using Flexbox to arrange images
Hello guys,, I'm working on my first web dev portfolio and I have currently have two screenshots of websites I've made. I'd like them to display very simply, gallery-style, so that on a larger scr...
Petter Jhon posted

How can I add third party plugin in rails 6?
My application.html.erb looks like this. I just want to remove all cloudfare(cdnjs) external link from application.html.erb. Instead of that I just want to use it in application.js . Because I dont...
Siva Ganesh posted

Using Flexbox to arrange images
This is the code you want at a very base level for `flexbox`. However, you do have other options such as `grid` which involves less code. ``` .flex { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; } ...
Dan Mitchell replied

How to Test Background Jobs with Active Job Discussion
Nice video! this work with sidekiq workers and rspec ?
Jose Camacaro posted

Polymorphic Search
I have a basic model structure like this: ``` class History < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :historical, polymorphic: true, touch: true end ``` with several related models: `has_m...
Dan Tappin posted

Good guide for standing up a solid Ruby gem development environment in Visual Studio Code?
And while OP has the attention of the Rubyists who use VSCode -- I'd really like to learn how people successfully get the debugger working outside of a long-running server-like process. Everything...
Cyprus Singh replied

Remove default gem (bundler)
Hey everyone, Using multiple versions of Ruby over multiple applications for work and seem to be having some gem set issues. In particular Bundler which is defaulted to a version I need to updat...
HenltonGomes posted

How can i Configure my Trix Editor / ActionText field?
Had the same problem, your solution helped me a lot. Would be cool if there was a better way to edit the toolbar of trix.
Christopher replied Solved

How do I structure a Bookings table for two models?
I've primarly built out support to book a flight, and now I'm looking to offer the ability to book a hotel as well. I'm looking for some insight on the best way to model this: Currently there is...
Taylor Cooney posted

Go! Svelte + Sapper + Rails
I agree with that! Also an episode to how one can replace webpack with rollup just for the sake to better learn the behind-the-scenes of how js bundlers work..
AA replied

Best framework for putting a "job based" app on Heroku?
You are correct, Rails does not make sense if it's not a web app. I would write pure Ruby + cron jobs, maybe ActiveRecord for ORM if you are familiar with it and intend to store data in the databas...
Miya Bhai replied

Is it possible to open a file via File Explorer in Ruby?
About Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC or XBT) is the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world. It is a decentralized digital currency that functions without a central bank or single administrator. Peer-to-...
sam replied

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