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What is Programming & Web Development?

mahima asked in General

Give help.


I am also waiting for the answers to the questions.


waiting for an anwser.


Programming refers to the process of writing a computer program, which is a set of instructions that a computer executes to get the required result. Web development is the process of creating any kind of web application or website.


Programming and web development involve creating software applications and websites using various programming languages and frameworks. It encompasses designing, coding, and maintaining web-based systems. Progressive web app development services play a vital role in this field. These services focus on building web applications that offer a seamless user experience across different devices, combining the best of web and native app functionalities. They utilize modern web technologies to create responsive and interactive applications that can work offline, send push notifications, and be installed on users' home screens. Such services enable businesses to reach a wider audience and provide engaging user experiences through progressive web apps


Thanks a lot for the info, guys.


Where can I find a good web dev agency?


"Hey! Programming is like crafting a language for computers to understand, while web development is the art of building and maintaining websites and web applications. It involves coding, designing, and ensuring functionality.

Think of programming as the foundation—writing instructions for a computer. Web development takes it a step further, focusing on creating interactive, user-friendly experiences online.

If you're diving into this world, it's like mastering a set of tools to bring your digital ideas to life. Learning languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is key. Platforms like Python and frameworks like React or Angular add extra layers of capability."


Absolutely spot on!

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