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Looking for Rails work? / Hiring Rails developers?

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver (163,510 XP) on

Similar to the Hacker News thread, I thought we might start up a thread for anyone looking to hire a Ruby / Rails freelancer or if you're a freelancer looking for work.

Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location, and whether remote work is a possibility.

Andrew Scott (80 XP) on


London, seeking side projects (have around 40 hours a week free). Intermediate dev 2 years in Ruby/Rails, specialist in Spree, but also do JS/Elixir and front end work. Rapidly improving at DevOps. Email is [email protected]



Alan Reid (15,350 XP) on

If you have a portfolio it would be handy to have links too ;) Great idea btw Chris.

Andrew Scott (80 XP) on

Don't have a portfolio persé since 95% of my work has been under a pretty tight NDA, but have and I can provide snippets on request :)

Melanie (1,520 XP) on

SEEKING FREELANCER (remote - via skype)

Before I give up on trying to learn how to use polymorphic associations in my app, I thought I might try here to find someone that might know how to help. I've outlined my issue in this Stack Overflow post.

The frustrating part about trying to figure this problem out is that I can do what I want to do in the console. I just cant make the code work in a consistent way.

Here is my most recent post outlining the problem and the best 10 attempts I've made at trying to solve it. If you can help me, I'd love to know how to use this association - otherwise I'll give up and make separate resources for each duplicate relationship.

I'm happy to pay for help (but find on and similar, that I tend to spend hours watching people decide that they cant help). It gets frustrating and expensive.

Nick McNeany (6,730 XP) on

@Melanie, DON'T GIVE UP!!!

Have you watched this video?

Good Luck!

victor hazbun (330 XP) on


Located in Colombia / Quindio. Ruby / Javascript developer +6 years experience.

Karim Tarek (380 XP) on

SEEKING WORK / Toronto,Canada / Remote

I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer / UI designer.
Things I know and use: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Capybara, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, ERb, Haml, CSS, SCSS



Nick McNeany (6,730 XP) on

@Karim, I signed up at gotimeliner! Really cool idea! Nice job!

Karim Tarek (380 XP) on

Hey Nick, thanks a lot for giving Timeliner a shot, I'd love to hear your feedback so far if you don't mind sharing :)

Chris Zempel (2,170 XP) on

Currently: NOT SEEKING WORK at the moment

Location: St. Louis, MO

Technologies Used: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, React, jQuery/Coffeescript. Experience with UX design, fairly proficient with vanilla css, lots of experience with popular css frameworks. I can stand up a Rails app on a fresh Linux box and troubleshoot server errors, but I prefer to have other people handle hosting :)

email: [email protected]


Maor Tzabari (170 XP) on

SEEKING FREELANCER in Chicago area, remotly is an option
I need someone that can do anything with Rails, if you're think it's you feel free to email me: [email protected]

Arjun Rajkumar (250 XP) on

Seeking Freelancer (remote via Skype)
I need help accessing the **GOogle Adwords API + Google Analytics API
.. Been trying to learn this on my own, but am stuck and not really getting anywhere. With the Google Adwords API, I am able to retrieve campaign details via the console, but I am doing something wrong while accessing it via the app.

Was hoping that someone here has used these APIs before and can show me how to do the same. Will pay for your time, and it can be done online. It'll greatly help if I can see how someone experienced with this, goes about it.

Let me know.. You can reply here - or my email is [email protected]



Nicolas Brousse (2,650 XP) on

SEEKING WORK. Located in France. Remote work

I'm Ruby on Rails developer with +5 years of experience in web development.
I've some basics on DevOps.
I use: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, PostgreSQL, SCSS, memcached, GitLab (+ GitLab CI), capistrano and auto-deployment, vagrant.

email: [email protected]

Bob Walsh (200 XP) on

SEEKING WORK. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Remote work.

I'm an experienced Rails developer with 4 multi-year contracts/jobs and half-dozen remote contracts that I've done. Full stack, but have used react.js for mobile front end views. Extremely good at client communications.


email: [email protected]

Daniel Chapman (390 XP) on

Seeking Freelancer. Remote Skype

Im working on a project that I need some guidance / Tutoring on.

Its basically reporting lots of financial data, if any one has some spare hours ....
Based on Postgres and deployed to Heroku.

First part is associations, models that users can view based on string in another model.

datatables ajax (which i just cant see to get to work properly).

Dynamic charting.

I have mostly setup, but need some advice and help optimising.

Please send me an email for further information - with your rates per hour to help :)

[email protected]



Jeff Wilson (10 XP) on


I'm the founding CTO of an adtech company based in Amsterdam. We're looking for full time and freelance developers to grow our team rapidly. Below is an overview of our company and what we're doing. If you're interested in learning more get in touch:

Jeff Wilson - CTO
[email protected]

About Us
Adnovation is Adtech company focused on building the next generation data driven ad platform. We use data to automate optimization and target campaigns ensuring the highest ROI possible. Founded by a team with more than 25 years of experience in the mobile industry, we have a proven track record building technology to support agencies and ad networks.

We rapidly develop leveraging a variety of technology such as Ruby on Rails (RoR), pure Ruby Rack apps and Python in a micro service architecture. We’re all about extreme scale and lightning fast agile deployment. Our platform has grown 1900% month on month for the last 11 months and during our private beta we’ve processed over 1 billion transactions. To continue our rapid growth, we’re expanding our team (both in house and remote). If you want to work on complex problems and at extreme scale, let’s talk.

Tech Stack
• Languages: Ruby on Rails, Pure Rack, Python & JavaScript
• Data: Postgres, Redis, Redshift
• Infrastructure – Heroku, AWS (Firehose, S3, CloudFront)
• Apache Kafka

We offer
• A rapidly growing international team of 25+ (from 12 countries so far)
• An fun, open and positive culture focused on getting things done
• You’ll be working on high-traffic web applications for A-level brands, agencies and ad networks
• A competitive compensation
• Relocation support to join us in Amsterdam (if needed)

Riss Gadi (10 XP) on


if onsite
Austin, Texas

while Internship, Contract, or Full Time do
for experience <= 1yr
puts "Github, SQL, Heroku, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails"

(Just thought it'd be fun this way:D)

Jimmy Lien (10 XP) on

Seeking Work

St. Louis, MO + Remote

Please contact me here or LinkedIn:

I miss ruby

My startup was acquired this year and I've been doing .NET since then and sorely miss ruby! I'd love to help a rails shop or startup with some part time work doing implementation, design, or review.

My strengths are:

  • Actioncable
  • Push Notifications
  • Background Jobs
  • Perfomance Optimizations at scale
  • Building nice APIs (usually for mobile)

I'm not as strong at:

  • Frontend JS (I'm capable with Coffeescript, Angular, or React)
  • Mobile (I've built several iOS apps and currently manage a mobile team)
  • Devops (Also capable with heroku or AWS)

jaems (1,010 XP) on


Looking for Ruby/Rails devs with 5+ years of experience. Must be proficient in Ruby/Rails/API and have at least a basic understanding of JS and React.

Pay is competitive, fully remote position, good culture, great people to work with. If you're interested PM me on Slack or reply to this thread.


Anuj singh (30 XP) on

Ruby on Rails application services at Inwizards are more than a simple course of action. We start form taking client's perspective and ideas about the app, followed by refining the idea to turn it into something more amazing and realistic. Then we finalize all the stuff, gather all the resources and choose just the right features/design keeping the targeted audience in mind. As an aspiring Ruby on Rails development company of Indian we strive and put our best foot forward towards 100% client satisfaction.
so if you need any type of websites or softwares so please contact with me
skype or gmail-: [email protected]
Get Quotation -≈p-developer.php
any time contact with me i am here wait for your response.

Anand Padia (1,300 XP) on

Seeking VueJS Developers with Ruby on Rails Expereience for an ongoing Project.

We need to convert the Vue JS + Magento Opensource project to simple VueJS template.


Divante team has worked out a amazing setup which works beautifyfully with Magento API. We need this setup to consume our Rails API hence need help to make this template simple for us to understand and modify as need be. We are trying to run this as a simple proof of concept.

Our Requirement - Front End Only:
Simplify Vue-Storefront project( - just Design, strip Magento API Connects.
Provide Notes to change themes and grid setup, to allow our beginner Vue JS developers to work out multiple templates.
Remove the API end points and create raw JSON Datasets.

Andrew Fomera (4,850 XP) on

ProctorU is hiring for a variety of positions. Hit me up on the GoRails slack @king601 for more information.

On-location in Birmingham, Alabama. We're a great team that really wants everyone to grow and learn.
Let me know before you apply and I'll give you pointers on what we're wanting/more information.

Can hit me up on my LinkedIn or the slack :)

shyam (20 XP) on

SEEKING WORK / Hyderabad, India / Remote

I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer / Golang developer


GNU/C, Ruby, Python, Golang by google, HTML5, Javascript, J Query, Reactjs, Angular 2/4, Twitter bootstrap MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Sales Force, Heroku , GCP Cloud, Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Red Hat Cloud and Open Stack many more.


Daniele (10 XP) on


I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, currently based in Italy but have worked in London, Tokyo and Seoul as well. Currently looking for remote work opportunities.

Things I know and use:

  • Ruby/Rails
  • RSpec
  • Capybara
  • PostgreSQL
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • a bit of Vue.js
  • Ansible
  • Nginx
  • Linux server administration
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / SCSS
  • Git

You can find out more about me here:

Sergio (10 XP) on
SEEKING RoR DEVELOPER, Italy, remote work

I'm founder & CEO at RT ( We are looking for RoR developers to help us in the development of the server side of our IoT technology. Italian is the preferred language, but a plus.


Sergey Kirshin (10 XP) on
SEEKING RoR DEVELOPER: either REMOTE or to BELGRADE office (relocation assistance)

We are looking for an experienced Middle or Senior Ruby backend developer into our great team for developing and maintaining the existing project
GameCredits Inc. works in the blockchain development and in the game industry. One of our current projects is the store for mobile applications using blockchain for business needs.
The main office is located in Belgrade, so we offer the comfortable relocation for you or offer a distant collaboration (in terms of 11 am to 7 pm by CET work time).

3+ years of Ruby on Rails experience;
experience in the relation database modelling and SQL;
test and static code analysis experience (RSpec, RuboCop);
structured and clean code.

The following will be considered as you advantages:
experience in PostgreSQL, Redis;
experience of working with heavy loaded projects;
experience with Grape and Swagger.

As a bonus:
  • work in the international company;
  • comfortable conditions for relocation (beautiful modern office in the centre of Belgrade)
  • you have the opportunity to become a professional in blockchain technologies;
  • your income and the upper limit of your salary correlates with your skills and can be discussed.

Serge Kirshin,
Project Manager.
email: [email protected]

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