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Agreed, but I wouldn't keep it like that for very long
`777` is bad news.  If you're having to change perms to owner/group/world full read/write/exec something is wrong.

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No problem, if you ran it as sudo that's the problem.  You'll want to work with your project as a local user not running as sudo (root).  Without seeing how things are setup, it's tricky to diagnose the issue.  But are you in a place where you can scap your config on cloud9 and start again without using sudo?

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If you're getting permission denied, perhaps you ran your bundle or installation of rails as sudo?  Are you on Linux/Mac/etc?  Any further information you can provide would be helpful.

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As far as development, that traditionally means your local machine (laptop/desktop/etc).  

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No problem, Austin.  Couple of questions...

Do you have bundler installed and have you completely bundled everything in your Gemfile?  I randomly searched for the error in your stacktrace and found [this](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43813749/error-undefinded-method-load-defaults-when-trying-to-deploy-app-on-heroku) article which seems to be similar in nature.  

Also, can you clarify if you are trying to launch rails in development or is this a deployment you're trying to work with?

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I think a weekly pro video is good for the money we pay for subscriptions.  If you want more content, there's a lot out there on Youtube and other resources.  

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Try `rails s` to see if the rails server will start.  If so, it will output a url of `http://localhost:3000`  If that works, it's not a problem with Rails but whatever args you are passing it.

If you are developing on your local machine you don't have to bind an ip address unless you have a specific reason to.  If you did you could do `rails s -b` and if you wanted to specify a port `rails s -b -p 9001`

Please try it this way to see if it makes a difference.


I also watched the course on pluralsight, which I belive is the same content.  Really good stuff!

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As a test, try this...

module ArticlesHelper
  def status_for(article)
    if article.published_at.present?
      if article.published_at > Time.zone.now

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Hi Simon,

Double check your migration(s) on the Article class/model to make sure you have a published_at column. If it's missing it'll throw a no method error. I cloned the gorails repo for this episode and had no problems with the code Chris wrote.

If you run into any problems, please leave another comment on this thread.

Happy weekend!

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Active Storage works fine for file uploads especially to s3 and works nicely, but honestly I'd probably wait a bit until they cut the 5.2 release since there are still some open issues on it. As Jack mentioned it's not as feature-rich as Shrine or other gems. I'm on 5.1.4 and I use either Shrine or Carrierwave as my needs are simple. Honestly, probably best for you to test out both and see which one fits your use case.

You can use acts_as_taggable but you can really get the same functionality with categories and tags using a has_many_through relationship between your content and categories/tags.

You can see an example of how I did this with categories with a simple wiki app I built: here

For more info, check this out Passenger/Nginx reference

@karim I don't know anything about hatch, I just use straight servers without the bells/whistles. But the configuration declarative should go in your nginx host block.

That should keep however many cores you have busy :)

Basically, you specify that your rails app run "8 processes" at once and each will use one core. The way it can be done is by using phusion passenger (with Nginx) and set the following parameters
passenger_max_pool_size 8;
passenger_max_instances_per_app 8;

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Looking for Ruby/Rails devs with 5+ years of experience. Must be proficient in Ruby/Rails/API and have at least a basic understanding of JS and React.

Pay is competitive, fully remote position, good culture, great people to work with. If you're interested PM me on Slack or reply to this thread.

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You didn't specify that you needed such.

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Hmmm, well Jacob's suggestion on editing your /etc/hosts file is probably your best bet.