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Why to purchase the stripe course or Showing Off Game Nanny

Scott Johnson asked in Showcase

tldr; No question here, just a show case.

I recently purchased Chris' Stripe course and used it as a baseline for the ecommerce side of a SAAS application I just shipped, GameNanny.

Obligatory short pitch: Game Nanny is a service for parents of Xbox gamers concerned about their kid's spending.

I've done a lot of ecommerce work over the years but it has all been in either Braintree or PayPal and when I was building GameNanny, I knew that I wanted to use Stripe. The way I looked at it was that time is money and a pre-built course should save me time. I was particuarly concerned about subtle conceptual differences that I might bring from my Braintree work into a Stripe -- its all too easy for past experience to take you way, way off course.

I am happy to report that once I worked through the course, implementing the actual stripe functionality was actually pretty trivial. I also have about 1/10th code I used to have on previous SAAS applications and a substantially better check out flow. In closing, don't disregard the benefits of the code that accompanies an online course. I was able to get a huge boost in my development flow by knowing "ok this absolutely works".

Overall I'm really impressed and I'd recommend Payments with Stripe and Rails Master Class. Also if you're a parent and your kid is an Xbox gamer, check out Game Nanny.

I also watched the course on pluralsight, which I belive is the same content.  Really good stuff!
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