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Just sharing: Squash your migrations
Yeah I think you're correct. From the Rails guides: > In order to run your tests, your test database will need to have the current structure. The test helper checks whether your test data...
Chris Oliver replied

Build a Devise Model in another controller
Basically I did STI on User model, and made it working and then removed whatever I did, installed rolify + pundit :-)
Roman Storm replied

Good public national holidays api?
You can use Calendarific for this. provides a free JSOn API for holidays for over 230 countries around the world. It provides both historical and future data points. Ca...
ryan-cal replied

Advanced Rails books and materials
Hi guys ... and girls. I am interested in any advanced rails materials you might know about that are actually good. Most of the stuff is beginner level and something advanced is hard to come by....
Andrei Crudu posted

Pundit: How to apply the same policy to nested resources
That will work! :)
Chris Oliver replied

how to play or download a song
Something like this makes it great for an audio player. You'll want to add uploads through something like carrierwave, but you'll need to add a...
Chris Oliver replied

how scrabe data every day
You guys are awesome. :) Mechanize is good. I've used that before. I've never checked out Scrapy or Wombat, but I'm sure they are awesome too. Using [whenever](
Chris Oliver replied

Is there an easy way to display open or closed based on time of day?
Hey Stefan, So my advice with storing this stuff in the model is only to do it if you'll need it for queries. I think that'll be important (filtering by businesses that are open) so it makes sen...
Chris Oliver replied

Switch state of boolean field
Benny, this looks great. That's pretty much exactly what I would have suggested. :) The only thing I'd say is to remove the `console.log` so that it doesn't crash in certain browsers like IE. Fo...
Chris Oliver replied

Multitenancy with the Apartment gem Sending email in production
@chris on my sideq im getting this error any idea?? ``` 09:37:22 redis_s.1 | 33693:M 07 Dec 09:37:22.096 * 100 changes in 300 seconds. Saving... 09:37:22 redis_s.1 | 33693:M 07 Dec 09:37:22.09...
Francisco Quinones replied

Ajax Search Remote True across the site
Way late on a response here. I figured out the problem why it was forcing a HTML response on hitting search box. I had the search_form_for wrapped in a `
shakycode replied

¿How make I to upload multiple images with refile?
And use the master branch or you will get undefined methods errors. (this step is not included in the readme) ```ruby gem 'refile', require: "refile/rails", git: '
Wouter van den Beld replied

Getting data from one Rails app to another
I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. I have a Rails app which is a static codebase and runs on 9 different servers all the same db schema but of course with different values. I wrote ...
shakycode posted

Autocomplete a form field
Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I will try your suggestion.
Benny Maas replied

Handle money in Rails
Oh that's a really interesting question. I've never really considered that because we only use it in the other notation. I would imagine that the Money gem can do the conversion for you and tha...
Chris Oliver replied

Bug in search
I think it works, but I was getting alerts from Pingdom about some errors lately. Restarted the Heroku dynos and all seems to be going well again. Searching for the word "type" seems to work again....
Chris Oliver replied

Why are these partials rendering differently?
You fixed that too quickly for me to take a screenshot :(
Chris Zempel replied

Hi Ján, Can you share your code on Github? I'm also trying to build a Rails API that uses Devise for user authentication.
Michael Stitt replied

What happen to the search field for the videos?
It's now back in the navbar! :)
Chris Oliver replied

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