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Improving In-App Notifications Discussion

Hey Chris great stuff. Can you please add the length of an episode somewhere.

def like to see the action cable ep

I'd like to see the additional episode.

Also I'd love to be able to see how you have formatted the notification box. I'm struggling to increase the size of my notification box so it doesn't look anywhere near as presentable as yours do in the preview video.

So those are just the normal dropdowns for Bootstrap, but I've added in some divs inside the elements instead of it just being one-liners and the following CSS:

.dropdown-menu .notification {
&.unread {
a {
border-left: 4px solid $red;

a {
padding: 10px 20px;

.avatar {
height: 24px;
margin-right: 10px;
width: 24px;

Also, the ActionCable episode! Just posted it!

Thomas Busillo

Great episode! I ran into a self-imposed quirk with this and I"m passing along the solution just in case anyone else runs into this. I was using a bootstrap badge to indicate the number of unread notifications. I had wanted it to behave similar to Facebook, where if there aren't any unread notifications then there won't be a badge (e.g., a badge with "0"). Here's how to make it work:

1. Change $("[data-behavior='unread-count']").text(0) to $("[data-behavior='unread-count']").text("")

2. Change $("[data-behavior='unread-count']").text(unread_count) to: $("[data-behavior='unread-count']").text(parseInt(unread_count) || "")

The change above slightly tweaks the functionality so that 'unread-count' isn't equal to "0", but is instead an empty string.

Hope this helps someone and saves them a couple of hours!

Source: most of the credit for this goes to

Chris thank you for the video - I'm a new developer so I just wanted to test the waters by cloning your source code and seeing if it will run in heroku. While the styling runs and I'm able able to post new threads > the notification system is not appearing. If you can help me out would be amazing


Jay Wilburn

Great video Chris!

Thank you Chris for a very interesting video. This Notification model works great for scenarios where notifications are created one at a time (actor to recipient action), or the way you use it with to notify users a couple times per week. I would like to use this Notification model to notify users whenever (using this example) a new forum thread is created, or other actions are made among a group of users, thus being notified individually. Meaning every time a new forum thread is created, hundreds of users could potentially be notified, and this could grow very quickly if I want to add other actions to notify users. There is another approach making this kind of frequent multi-users notifications a public activity model but then you loose the individual read indicator or any individual metadata. Can you think of a way to keep the episode database structure for notifications, to scale it for a scenario of large notification creations?

Really good question. The main tradeoff going that route is that while you might reduce the number of records at the beginning, you won't in the long run because you'll need to save the read timestamps for each of those users. You'll also complicate the initial query for notifications because you now have to search multiple tables (forum threads, episodes, etc) to figure out which ones you should notify the user about.

So if you're going to be creating those records anyways, why not just save them as a Notification record at the beginning? You can create them in a background job that will speed up creation of them at the beginning without overcomplicating your app just yet. Once you hit massive performance problems, you can optimize it then because you'll know exactly where the bottlenecks are. Trying to optimize before you know where the bottlenecks are is always where engineering problems tend to make things really tough.

Thanks for your answer Chris. I agree with you, I will try to solve this issue once and if I face it!

I've followed your video and able to now create notifications on all my controllers but the conversation and messages controllers not able to. cant really find the recipient in the case of mailboxer messages and conversations? also do i create both notifications for a new conversation and new message? can you help with creating notification for messages and conversations? thanks

Great episode Chris, newbie question here.

I adapted it to the app I'm currently working on, and works like a charm in localhost but in production (Heroku) the mark_as_read method gets only triggered after I do a hard refresh of the browser, otherwise the notifications remain as read: false even if I hit the link a hundred times. Might be an issue with turbolinks?

I read something in the slack channel about how the javascript should be running on turbolinks:load event instead of the dom content ready, but I'm not sure about how to do this. I could try just to remove turbolinks from the app but I would be losing a lot of speed. Any thoughts?

Hey Ernesto, yeah it sounds like the JS is running on document ready, but not turbolinks load (which is run every single time you visit another page since turbolinks fakes those second page requests).

This is the case from the example because of this code:

jQuery ->
new Notifications

The jQuery -> is a function for saying when the document is ready, then run this code.

If you change it to this it will work on every turbolinks page:

$(document).on 'turbolinks:load', ->
new Notifications

Just the answer I was looking for!

I've just implemented this on my app and it's seems to work okay, I have a question around the interaction part.聽

Currently when I click on the notification bell icon it marks all the new notifications as read. I have changed the UI to display the dropdown on hover, I can't quite work out how to mark only the notification you have clicked on as marked as read.聽

ie. If you have 3 new notifications, I hover over the bell icon and I click on the 2nd notification in the dropdown, does anyone know how to make just the 2nd notifications show as read and notifications 1 and 3 remain unread the next time I hover over the bell icon?

This was great. I am mostly there but having a strange issue. Instead of forum posts and forum threads I am using comments and projects. When I am trying to pull the notifications and display the count I see a 500 errror in the console:

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method project' for nil:NilClass):
1: <%= link_to project_path(notification.notifiable.project, anchor: dom_id(notification.notifiable)), class: "dropdown-item #{"unread" if !notification.read_at?}" do %>
2:   <%= %>
3:   <%= notification.action %>
4:   a <%= notification.notifiable_type.underscore.humanize.downcase %>

Any thoughts on what the issue could be?

I think I see what the issue is. It seemed to work fine then stop, work fine then stop etc. What is going on is that to clean up I was deleting comments on the screen. Since that was orphaning the notifications unable to find the comment and then unable to find the project that was causing the 500 error.

Now I am just trying to figure out the best way to destroy any notifications when the comments are deleted.

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