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Posted in Improving In-App Notifications Discussion

I've just implemented this on my app and it's seems to work okay, I have a question around the interaction part. 

Currently when I click on the notification bell icon it marks all the new notifications as read. I have changed the UI to display the dropdown on hover, I can't quite work out how to mark only the notification you have clicked on as marked as read. 

ie. If you have 3 new notifications, I hover over the bell icon and I click on the 2nd notification in the dropdown, does anyone know how to make just the 2nd notifications show as read and notifications 1 and 3 remain unread the next time I hover over the bell icon?

Posted in Multiple File Uploads with Shrine Discussion

Has anyone had any luck getting this working rendering image templates/partial instead of just an image (mentioned as an alternative at around 11.30 in the video)? 

Chris has been kind enough to try and help out but my code differs. I'm unsure where to put the "json.template" section, tried in the show.json.jbuilder and the _attachment.json.jbuilder and how to alter it to suit my attachment model. Got errors and sometimes continuous loops. 

I'd be super grateful for any help or advice:

Here's some of my code:

Posted in An issue with uploading to S3 with jquery file upload

Hi Taro, did you find a solution to this? Think I'm getting the same issue - so frustrating!

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