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Rails for Beginners Part 5: Routes and Route Types Discussion

I created a step-by-step guide based on this episode: You can view (and comment) at


Thanks buddy :p




Thanks for this, I've tried to follow the guide but get an error page:

wrong constant name [route]Controller inferred by Module from file
Possible ways to address this:

  • Tell Zeitwerk to ignore this particular file.
  • Tell Zeitwerk to ignore one of its parent directories.
  • Rename the file to comply with the naming conventions.
  • Modify the inflector to handle this case.

You are a really great teacher. great content.


I'm getting following error when i open http://localhost:3000/about
AboutController#index is missing a template for request formats: text/html

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


I was getting the same error. Turned out I created about folder inside app/views/layouts, while it should be in app/views.



Thanks a lot for your solution !


Yep, @Kate nailed it (thanks @Kate!)
I was facing the same issue and that was my problem. You have to right click on the word "about", otherwise VSCode will create a folder within views/layouts.


Thanks @Kate you helped me a lot with this.


Hi, I like this playlist very much.
After seeing this video I had one doubt in my mind.
Is it necessary to create files under controller folder with names in format url_controller.rb. Can't we name them differently.


Rails use a principle called "convention over configuration" => check this out to read up on it.
Basically, if you want to be able to benefit from rails helpers you need to respect the naming conventions if you don't all hell breaks lose.


Some issues we discovered

  1. "webpack" need to be started -
  2. In the above link, bin/webpacker-dev-server is wrong file name, should be bin/webpack-dev-server
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