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Episode Suggestion: Normalization
Chris Zempel asked
I've identified a tendency in myself that I feel like, if overcome, would make me a considerably better developer and produce better software. Here I'll try to characterize/analyze it: **Descrip...

3rd party integration best practices/problems
Sean M asked
Hey Chris! I was wondering about the differences of the implementations of complex 3rd party integrations. For instance on the one hand there is or For these to work you ...

Screencast Request: Authorization with ActionCable
Drazen Mokic asked
A cast about how to do authorization with ActionCable. Example is a Chat with multiple chat rooms and messages should only be sent to rooms / people who have access to the given chat room.

Nofications screen cast
John Munyi asked
Hi Chris , I am following the notifications screen here : all is well no errors but when i create a post the notifications a...

GoRails speed
Isaac Ben Hutta asked
Hi Chris, It would be nice if you could share with us what techniques you use to make this site so fast, and if and how do you deal with scaling problems.

GoRails Screencast suggestion: Caching
Sascha M. asked
Hi there, just a quick suggestion. I'm at a stage where I'm struggling with Caching. Since you haven't covered this topic yet I would be very happy if you do, especially Database query caching. ...

Video Idea: Accepting Credit Card Payments
Michael Stitt asked
Most web apps need the ability to accept payments from their users (whether they're automated monthly payments or just simple one time payments). It was such a easy process getting going as a Pro ...

New Video Ideas
shakycode asked
I was watching CodeSchool's "Feature Focus" the other day. This is where Greg and Carlos look at a popular site/app and pick a piece of functionality to focus on and write it themselves. They the...

Suggestion: links open in a new tab
Danny Wu asked
I know this may be a personal preference, but I've always found it more user-friendly (from a student's perspective) to have the links (i.e. your github code and forum) open in a new tab.

What's the rationale for making some videos "Pro Episode"?
Danny Wu asked
Just out of curiosity, how do you decide which episode is a "pro" episode vs regular?

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