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Scheduled Cron Jobs with the Whenever Gem
#87 · Pro

Learn how to run scheduled (nightly, weekly, monthly) jobs using cron on your server with the Whenever gem

Scheduling Posts
#86 · Pro

Learn how to schedule posts in draft, published, and scheduled modes

The State_Machine Gem
#85 ·

Learn how to use the state_machine gem to keep track of objects in your Rails apps

What Is A State Machine?
#84 ·

Learn what a state machine is and how it can help you keep track of everything

Using Purchased Themes with Rails
#83 · Pro

Learn how to take a theme your purchased at WrapBootstrap, Themeforest, etc and build layouts for them in your Rails app

Usability And Video Autoplay With Wistia
#82 · Pro

Learn about video autoplaying with Wistia and how it improves usability

Open Source Vlog - Writing Rspec Tests
#81 ·

How do we go about writing robust tests with rspec for simple_calendar?

Redirect To Current Page After Login
#80 · Pro

Learn how to redirect your Rails app users to the current page after they login

Open Source Vlog - Sorting Calendar Events
#79 ·

We sort and filter calendar events for simple_calendar 2.0 in a much more friendly manner

@Mentions, Autocomplete, Notifications, and Links
#78 · Pro

Learn how to add @mentions, autocomplete, notifications, and link parsing

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