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Fallback 19:19
My Development Environment
#55 ·

Check out my development environment for Ruby on Rails

Fallback 8:27
Debugging Performance Problems In Your Views
#54 · Pro

Learn how I discovered and solved a performance bug in's view partial

Fallback 10:17
How To Setup Vagrant For Rails Development
#53 ·

Learn how to use Vagrant to set up a headless virtual machine for Ruby on Rails development

Fallback 9:49
Refactoring with the Null Object Pattern
#52 · Pro

Refactor and simplify your associations and views using Null Objects that let you remove conditionals and have more robust code

Fallback 13:16
PDF Receipts
#51 ·

Learn how to add PDF receipts to your application so users can easily download receipts of their purchases

Fallback 12:54
Using Ruby Service Objects To Refactor Your Rails Code
#50 · Pro

Learn how to refactor your Rails model callbacks into plain old ruby objects that help organize your code

Fallback 18:50
Newsletter Sign Up Form with country_select
#49 ·

How to plan and build a newsletter sign up form

Fallback 23:05
Handling Subdomains and Multitenancy From Scratch
#48 · Pro

Learn how to handle subdomains in your Rails application for multi-tenant applications

Fallback 23:59
Multitenancy with the Apartment gem
#47 ·

Learn how to separate your application data into different accounts or companies

Fallback 19:00
Refactoring CSV Uploads with ActiveModel::Model
#46 · Pro

Learn how to refactor our CSV upload form with ActiveModel::Model to create a tableless form object

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