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Open Source Vlog - Rails Generators
#77 ·

Today we're adding Rails generators as our final piece of the puzzle for Simple_Calendar 2.0

Open Source Vlog - Refactoring Events And Uploading Version 2.0
#76 ·

Refactoring events in simple_calendar and uploading version 2.0

Rails 5's ActionCable and Websockets Introduction
#75 ·

Learn how Rails 5's new ActionCable and Websocket feature works with Redis in realtime

Elegant Refactoring for Week and Month Calendars
#74 ·

Since we have a great design for simple_calendar, it makes creating new types super elegant and easy

Open Source Vlog - Simple And Clean RubyGem With Rails Engines
#73 ·

Rails Engines really make our code shine for simple_calendar

Open Source Vlog - Finding a balance between Ruby and ERB
#72 ·

Taking the ERB code we wrote for simple_calendar and finding the right balance of Ruby and ERB for our gem

Pair Programming on Rails Scopes
#71 ·

James from Shakycode and I pair program on some common model scopes related to time and how we would approach them

Activity Feed From Scratch
#70 · Pro

Learn how to build an activity feed from scratch and how to manage lots of flexible partials

Open Source Vlog - Filtering Events
#69 ·

Filtering events for our custom calendar

Open Source Vlog - Refactoring Our Calendar
#68 ·

Refactoring our calendar to find out which pieces need to be interchangeable

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