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All Performance Episodes

Speed up Rails boot times with Bootsnap
#205 ·

Learn how Bootsnap speeds up your Ruby and Rails app boot times by preloading the load paths and caching Ruby bytecode

Advanced Counter Caching
#176 · Pro

Add advanced counter caching for soft deletable models, scopes, and has_many relationships

Rails Counter Caches
#172 ·

Learn how to use counter caches in your Rails app

Organizing Your Asset Pipeline in Development for Speed
#151 · Pro

Speed up the Rails asset pipeline in development by organizing your assets correctly

Improving Query Performance with Database Indexes
#119 ·

Learn how to improve the speed of your database queries by adding database indexes to your tables

Advanced Caching with User Permissions and Authorization
#115 · Pro

Learn how to use Javascript to enable user permissions and authorization in generic caches

Russian Doll Caching with Rails 5
#114 · Pro

Learn how to implement efficient Russian Doll Caching with Rails 5

GoRails Performance - The Techniques I Use
#113 ·

Learn how I design GoRails for speed and performance on all layers of the stack

Debugging Performance Problems In Your Views
#54 · Pro

Learn how I discovered and solved a performance bug in's view partial

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