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Handling Inbound Email Parsing with Rails
#212 · Pro

Learn how to handle inbound emails in your Rails application and use them to create comments in your app

Testing Emails in Development with Mailcatcher
#203 ·

Learn how to send emails to a local SMTP server called Mailcatcher for testing and designing emails

Sending Emails with SMTP and Sendgrid
#134 · Pro

Setup Rails to send emails over SMTP using your Sendgrid account

Forum Series Part 5: Email Notifications with Rails 4.2, deliver_later, and Previews
#29 ·

Learn how to send email notifications to users with Rails 4.2 ActionMailer, deliver_later, and email previews

Sending emails with Mandrill
#14 ·

Advanced techniques on sending emails over SMTP with local views and Mandrill's API with remote templates

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