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All File Uploading Episodes

User Avatars with ActiveStorage
#272 ·

Adding user avatars is pretty easy using Rails' ActiveStorage feature. We'll be using Devise in this example, but this applies to any user authentication system.

Direct Uploads with ActiveStorage
#246 ·

Learn how to enable direct uploads in the browser to Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces using Rails' new ActiveStorage library

How to Migrate from Paperclip to Rails ActiveStorage
#243 ·

Now that the Paperclip gem has been deprecated, it's recommended that you migrate your apps to ActiveStorage

File uploading with ActiveStorage in Rails 5.2
#233 ·

Easily add file uploads to any model (including single or multiple files) using Rails 5.2's new ActiveStorage feature

Uploading Files to DigitalOcean Spaces
#213 ·

Learn how to upload files to DigitalOcean's Spaces which is an Amazon S3 compatible file storage API

Multiple File Uploads with Shrine
#158 · Pro

Learn how to implement multiple file uploads in your app using Shrine and jQuery File Upload

Shrine Backgrounding and Video Transcoding
#150 · Pro

Transcode videos in the background using Shrine

Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 3
#146 · Pro

Using jQuery File Upload to upload presigned files directly to Amazon S3 and then store them with Shrine

Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 2
#145 · Pro

Setup Shrine to upload files to Amazon S3

Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 1
#144 · Pro

Setup your Amazon S3 account to receive direct file uploads from users in your Rails app

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