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All VueJS Episodes

Fallback 10:44
Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with Rails
#275 · Pro

Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allows your website to talk to other websites.

Fallback 19:29
Using Vuex with Forms in Rails
#274 · Pro

Embeddable Javascript Widgets often contain forms. We're using Vuex to build our comment form widget and we're going to use vue-map-fields to make this easier.

Fallback 15:00
Using Vuex with a Rails Backend
#273 · Pro

The next step in our embeddable javascript widget series is setting up our Vue frontend to talk with our Rails backend using Vuex

Fallback 20:57
Embeddable Javascript Comments Widget Models - Part 1
#271 · Pro

Starting our Embeddable JS Widget series outlining the comment and discussion models and the basic webpacker setup

Fallback 14:34
Vue.js Slots with Tailwind CSS and Rails
#242 ·

Learn how to use Vue.js slots to make even more reusable components. In this episode, we build a dropdown menu for Tailwind CSS apps using Vue.js slots.

Fallback 11:16
Vue.js Components in Rails Views
#239 ·

Learn how to deeply integrate your Vue.js components with Ruby on Rails views

Fallback 17:38
Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 8
#224 · Pro

Adding Vuex as our Data Store gives us the ability to add realtime updates to our trello clone across browsers using ActionCable

Fallback 23:14
Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 7
#223 · Pro

In this episode, we add card component, editing of cards, and the ability to create new lists

Fallback 14:45
Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 6
#222 · Pro

Refactoring our trello clone into sub-components and introducing a global datastore to really clean up our code

Fallback 6:55
Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 5
#221 ·

Improve the design of our Vue.js & Rails clone of Trello by making lists more visually distinct and setting up horizontal scrolling

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