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Fallback 14:10
Open Source Vlog - Simple And Clean RubyGem With Rails Engines
#73 ·

Rails Engines really make our code shine for simple_calendar

Fallback 22:57
Open Source Vlog - Finding a balance between Ruby and ERB
#72 ·

Taking the ERB code we wrote for simple_calendar and finding the right balance of Ruby and ERB for our gem

Fallback 8:42
Open Source Vlog - Filtering Events
#69 ·

Filtering events for our custom calendar

Fallback 13:00
Open Source Vlog - Refactoring Our Calendar
#68 ·

Refactoring our calendar to find out which pieces need to be interchangeable

Fallback 14:58
Open Source Vlog - Building A Calendar From Scratch
#67 ·

Spiking out code to figure out what we want so that we can do a great refactoring of simple_calendar

Fallback 16:38
Open Source Vlog - Just Deleting Things
#66 ·

Deleting our old code to make room for a refactoring

Fallback 19:24
Open Source Vlog - Setting Up For The Future
#65 ·

Planning our future work on simple_calendar and what we're going to accomplish

Fallback 35:12
Open Source Vlog - Setting Up Rspec
#64 ·

Here's how to setup Rspec for an open source project

Fallback 21:37
Open Source Vlog - Housekeeping and Merging Pull Requests
#63 ·

Cleaning up our open source pull requests for simple_calendar

Fallback 12:41
Open Source Vlog - Where Do We Even Start?
#62 ·

I want to do open source every day. How do we even get started?

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