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User Onboarding Progress Bar
#289 · Pro

Add onboarding steps for new users and show their completion progress so they can check items off the list, learn how your product works, and get the most out of it.

User Avatars with ActiveStorage
#272 ·

Adding user avatars is pretty easy using Rails' ActiveStorage feature. We'll be using Devise in this example, but this applies to any user authentication system.

Wrapping Business Logic with Plain Old Ruby Objects
#123 · Pro

Learn how to pull business logic out of your models and put them into Plain Old Ruby Objects (POROs) in order to clean up your code and keep chunks of business logic in reusable bits.

The State_Machine Gem
#85 ·

Learn how to use the state_machine gem to keep track of objects in your Rails apps

What Is A State Machine?
#84 ·

Learn what a state machine is and how it can help you keep track of everything

Open Source Vlog - Sorting Calendar Events
#79 ·

We sort and filter calendar events for simple_calendar 2.0 in a much more friendly manner

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