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All Basics Episodes

Fallback 10:59
Solving FizzBuzz in Ruby
#127 ·

See how different approaches can affect the code you write using FizzBuzz as an example

Fallback 5:20
Sending Data Between Controllers And Views
#5 ·

Using instance variables we can send data between controllers and views and take a look at how that works

Fallback 15:51
The Params Hash
#4 ·

A glimpse into the "magic" behind the params hash and the various ways it gets populated

Fallback 14:03
Rails Application Structure
#3 ·

A look into the files and folders inside every Rails application and how they fit together

Fallback 4:15
Ruby Version Managers
#2 ·

Techniques for installing Ruby and managing different versions between applications

Fallback 8:44
Environment Variables
#1 ·

A look at how you can store API keys and other variables in the environment on different computers.

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