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All Debugging Episodes

Debugging & Fixing a Bug in Rails 5.2 Active Storage
#237 · Pro

A walkthrough of how I debugged and fixed an issue with Rails ActiveStorage that we discovered in the last episode building a Previewer for Powerpoint files

Error Tracking with Errbit
#215 ·

Track errors in Rails, Sidekiq, etc in production for free using the open source Errbit app and the Airbrake gem

Debugging: How to Interpret a Stacktrace
#198 ·

Learn how to analyze and understand the Ruby stacktrace when something goes wrong in your app

Contributing To Open Source: Fixing A Bug In Devise
#92 ·

See how I discovered and fixed a bug in the Devise open source project

Debugging Performance Problems In Your Views
#54 · Pro

Learn how I discovered and solved a performance bug in's view partial

Debugging With BetterErrors
#8 ·

A look at how to supercharge your debugging and solve errors faster than ever

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