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Shrine Backgrounding and Video Transcoding

Episode 150 · November 3, 2016

Transcode videos in the background using Shrine

File Uploading


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Thanks Chris for this. I'm really excited to watch next episode and really can't wait to see how to perform background transcoding using AWS Elastic Transcoder and AWS S3!

For that episode, can you cover using Sidekiq instead of sucker_punch? 😀


I may or may not cover Sidekiq in that episode. The trick is as long as you use ActiveJob, there's no difference if use sucker_punch or Sidekiq to power it. They'll work exactly the same except that with Sidekiq you just need to make sure the Sidekiq process is running. ActiveJob provides that nice abstraction layer on top so that your code is exactly the same and you can swap background workers easily.


Noted Chris. Thanks!


One mistake in this video Chris is that you set the filetype for the screenshot to be ".mp4" as opposed to "jpg". Not sure how it still worked, but I noticed that.

Or was that intentional?


Oh nope, screenshot should be .jpg if it wasn't.

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