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Affiliate Program Gems
General • Asked by Brent C
I would love a tutorial on creating an affiliate program... Anyone have any gems they can recommend?

How to know if the user is logged in, in a mobile app.
General Solved • Asked by Isaac Ben Hutta
Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how the user authentication works with mobile apps that consumes the Rails API. I know I can send a POST request to the server to register the user and then gene...

Nested form and models?
General • Asked by shakycode
I'm working on an app that will track medication. I have a controller called `narcotic_usage.rb` which will be a simple form to note what narcotics are being used, their expiration dates, etc. ...

collapse-able form feature in nested forms
General • Asked by John Munyi
Hi Guys I am looking for a way to implement a collapsible feature within nested forms, such that during edit the existing forms dont open up in full and user decides which forms he / she wants to ...

Create shopify type of Application
General Solved • Asked by Oyewole Samuel
i'm currently working on multitenant application that enable user to create a personalize website after selecting a template, please is there any gem or method to achieve this?? Shopify type of App...

Multitenancy with the Apartment gem
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Francisco Quinones
Hi Chris Im trying to apply the Multitenancy to a exiting app. at the moment the tenant get create. how can I use the exiting that to be one of the tenant. When I enter with a exiting user to the t...

Rich text format editor in rails 4
General • Asked by John Munyi
I am looking for a rich text format editor that is compatible with rails 4, any good ones out there, I want to make beautiful text-areas with rich text. cheers

Opening and closing a window to a new controller/view from a different controller/view
General • Asked by shakycode
I'm maintaining an app and need to add a pop-up window or modal that launches from the current view but loads a separate controller/view. So far I have a link_to setup to open the controller/view ...

Rails Console
Rails • Asked by Chris Ma
Hi all, This might be a retarded question but how do I access things other than Models in rails console, such as Controller methods, engines etc.? I wouldn't mind seeing a video dedicated to con...

Some good ways of seeding data in my app?
Databases • Asked by Karl Coelho
I need some seed data for my app. How do I seed Devise users, and always as images for Paperclip?

subscribe if old one month user
General Solved • Asked by Szilard Magyar
Hey Chris, Just wanted to let you know, that I couldn't subscribe from my profile. I'm used to be subscribed to onemonth, so I got the free half a year subscription to gorails. That has expired ...

I'm lost and can't find the way out
Rails Solved • Asked by Andrew Fomera
So I'm in the middle of this project and I thought I could figure it out on my own, but it appears I am in over my head here. So any advice/help you can give me would be great. Basically I'm tr...

Get started with Rolify for roles
Site Feedback • Asked by Melanie
Hi Chris, Please could you add an intro to rolify to your to do list. I'm getting very confused with the documentation. I want to have users in organisations who can have a role which ext...

How do I use pushstate to create infinite scrolling blog effect in a standard rails app?
General • Asked by Thomas Bush
How do I use pushstate in a simple rails blog to create the effect that larger new sites are currently using: as you scroll to the bottom of the page, the next article seamlessly is loaded, the url...

How would you improve these db's and associations
Databases • Asked by Shaun Fahey
Database Structure Hello people. I have my first proper paid Rails project to start soon, so I’ve been thinking about the database and the associations. The two links below are the databases...

Non-rails, block ip address from nginx without logging to error.log?
Servers • Asked by Brian Schwartz
Posted this to serverfault too, but I'm still stuck: I have a server that keeps trying to brute force hack via xml-rpc post on a wordpress site (I know, I know). I've blocked the ip address in ...

Style a drop down menu with css
CSS • Asked by jm castel
I watched the tuto on making notifications but i can't set the css to display the notifs properly. Could someone show me an exemple of his css ? Thanks

How to generate PDF based on search using prawn in ruby on rails
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Francisco Quinones
So Chris im using prawn pdf in my app. Now im adding some search form to filter by date range. All works fine and I get my filter table on my index. my problem is with prawn that wont hold the fi...

Reoccurring events with simple_calendar and ice_cube
General • Asked by Dan Tappin
I am developing a Rails app that has a `Task` model. It's like any basic task tracking system where you can set some attributes (name, activity, status, priority etc.) and a due date. For my syst...

Single sign in Devise STI
Gems / Libraries • Asked by John Munyi
Hey there I have an STI on devise model which is working but there is an issue with how to manage what menus to show when different types of users are logged in here is my code user.rb ...